'The X-Files': The Lone Gunmen Returning For 2016 Revival

The Lone Gunmen returning for X-Files revival in 2016

For many reasons, The X-Files is arguably one of the most influential television series of all time. While the show's shifting tone and conspiracy-laden mythology are certainly integral to that success, a show doesn't earn this much acclaim without some fan-favorite characters to accompany the onscreen narrative.

David Duchovny's Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully are, of course, iconic characters in their own right, but there's a reason that series creator Chris Carter said that he hoped to bring back the classic X-Files supporting cast too. Now we have news that perhaps the show's most popular recurring characters are due for a comeback.

Dean Haglund - who, along with Tom Braidwood and Bruce Harwood, played one of the trio known as The Lone Gunmen - announced on Twitter that the characters will return for the six-episode X-Files revival series, which is now filming in Vancouver. Here's what the actor had to say:

yep, it's true.

— DEAN HAGLUND (@dhaglund) July 22, 2015

The Lone Gunmen appeared in nearly 40 episodes of the original X-Files series, as well as their own short-lived spinoff in 2001. There's no word on exactly how the characters will return since (spoilers?) they're dead, though they did appear in the original series finale as ghosts. So there is reason to think that they could simply pop up in that form (?) to lend Mulder and Scully much-needed information on their latest string of strange investigations.

Haglund, Braidwood and Harwood join returning supporting players Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis as FBI Director Walter Skinner and The Cigarette Smoking Man, respectively. Thus far, Carter is making good on his promise to bring fans many of the show's most important players back for the revival series. At this point, there's no news on who else might be up for the reunion, though Robert Patrick has previously said he wasn't interested in returning to the role of Agent John Doggett. Could Annabeth Gish - who played Agent Monica Reyes - be the next X-Files star to come aboard?

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The X-Files revival will begin with a two-night premiere airing Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 10pm on Fox.

Source: Dean Haglund

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