X-Files 2 WonderCon Panel

Right off the bat let me tell you that if you're looking for the bootleg X-Files 2 teaser trailer here you won't find it. I'm not going to support bootleggers who film at Cons when specifically and explicitly asked not to. I feel like this may be one of the only movie sites who won't jump on that, but so be it.

Here's a desciption of the teaser:

It showed Billy Connelly leading a line of FBI agents across a frozen lake in the middle of winter. The agents had long poles and were poking them downward into the ice as if looking for something that might not be far from the surface.

From there we cut to scenes of Mulder, Scully and various other people in quick-cut action shots. Running, dragging bodies, etc. In the end we see a brief glimpse of some sort of body frozen in the ice.

It didn't look to me like this involved werewolves.

When Gillian Anderson, David Duchovney and Chris Carter each came out on stage, the audience went nuts with cheers and applause, so I guess there are one or two people out there besides Screen Rant writers Heath and Niall that are looking forward to this movie. :-)

Someone asked Chris Carter: "Why is this movie worth the wait?"

He replied:

"Because it will scare the pants off you. Because you'll see Scully and Mulder again."

Fair enough.

Gillian said that she was surprised to find that it was difficult to get back into the role of Scully. She's spent so much time since X-Files telling herself when she's acting "Don't act like Scully" that she found it difficult to allow herself to slip back into the role.

Duchovney said it was the same for him.

Asked why this movie was a stand-alone story instead of a continuation of the series, Carter replied that he didn't feel the need to tie it into the series because the first film had already served that function. The first X-Files movie came out right on the heels of the show (or was it still on?) so it made more sense back then that they be connected. This is a stand-alone, cinematic film.

I'm actually very pleased to hear that. An out of context story that doesn't tie into all the circuitous history the show has had may actually make me want to see this film. Anderson and Duchovney always had great chemistry and the underlying concept of the show was always sound.

I just felt that Carter and crew drove it into the ground with their multi-leveled conspiracies and plot lines that were designed just to throw viewers off track.

Finally, when asked whether he regretted killing of characters because they now could not come back for this new movie Chjris Carter replied:

"Nobody's ever really dead in the X-Files."

As our British writer Niall might say: Cheeky bastard. :-)

X-Files opens on July 25th.

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