X-Files 2: How Is This Not Going Direct-To-DVD?

I know Heath here at Screen Rant is looking forward to the X-Files movie sequel, but me, I just don't get it. After years of what seems to me to be David Duchovny struggling to get X-Files 2 made, it's finally happening. Filming starts on December 10th and the studio has targeted July 25th as the release date.

That's just eight months from start of production to projection on the big screen. Seems pretty quick to me, but as I recall X-Men 3 met a seemingly impossible production schedule as well.

Then again, we all know how well that movie turned out.

What I don't understand is how much of an audience the studio expects there to be for this movie. The TV series dragged on far too long, with so many red herrings dispensed that eventually even the most hardcore fans of the show became disgusted with all the dead end, go nowhere leads and abandoned the series. When word of a movie came out, folks assumed that maybe they would finally get some closure and satisfaction in a final chapter on the big screen.

Unfortunately that didn't happen. Many questions were left unanswered and the overall effect was one of a letdown.

So now, 10 years later we're getting another movie.

Will this one answer all the questions? I don't know. Do I care? Not at all.

I realize that every movie/TV franchise has it's core fanbase, but when I hear people talk about how J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek movie is doomed because their aren't enough fans to make it a profitable endeavor, I wonder how in the world can X-Files 2 succeed? I can only assume that Star Trek has a far larger fanbase than X-Files does. Then again I suppose if the budget is small enough it wouldn't take much to make this show a profit.

I guess I just wouldn't be surprised if this movie was being made but was going either straight to DVD or maybe would end up on Fox TV or the Sci Fi Channel. But a theatrical release? This should be interesting.

X-Files 2 is scheduled to open on July 25th, 2008.

Source: Latino Review

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