Microsoft: Xbox One Project Scorpio Revealed, Arrives Fall 2017

Microsoft's Xbox One Project Scorpio promises 4K gaming and uncompressed pixels

Even though the show floor at E3 doesn't open until the 14th, a number of major developers and hardware manufacturers are already making big announcements. While most of these reveals are focused on new games that are coming out in the next year, there's some pretty major hardware news coming to light as well.

Microsoft has officially announced Project Scorpio, the next iteration of the Xbox One console, for release in 2017. Hailing it as "the most powerful console ever", the new console will offer improved capabilities over the current Xbox One model and should give the PlayStation 4 Neo a run for its money.

Aired during the company's pre-E3 conference, the Project Scorpio reveal video gives gamers a peek into what the next Xbox will be like. With 8 processing cores, over 320GB per second of memory bandwidth and 6 teraflops of GPU power, the video promises 4K gaming and true 4K resolution from the most powerful graphics processor ever put into a console. The video also hints at VR support, with a segment referring to Fallout 4's upcoming port to VR platforms and how having a console that can support that at the resolution and speed that Bethesda wants will be "magical."

According to the video, all current Xbox One games and accessories will work with Project Scorpio. That makes sense, since it's running the same underlying platform as the original Xbox One system. It's also mentioned that the games will work for both consoles, though, which is likely comforting to Xbox One owners who might worry that developers will switch to creating Scorpio-exclusive content and leave the original Xbox One behind. There had been speculation about this previously when Microsoft announced the combining of the Xbox and Windows gaming platforms, and it's possible that platform scalability will allow more advanced games to be automatically adjusted to run on whichever console the player owns.

Microsoft's Xbox One Project Scorpio - Releasing Holiday 2017

What's really interesting is that the release of Project Scorpio during the 2017 holiday season means that we might actually get a single year where all three major console developers release new hardware. The Nintendo NX is slated for release in March 2017, and there isn't currently a release date set for the PS4 Neo. Given that Sony isn't showing the Neo at E3, though, an official unveiling later in the year followed by a 2017 release isn't out of the question.

One thing that the Scorpio unveiling didn't mention is how much the new console will cost. Given the boost in power that it's receiving over the standard Xbox One, it's unlikely that the new console will come cheap. While it might help to bring down the price of the original Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox One S, gamers who want to upgrade to Microsoft's latest and greatest will likely be paying a full console price (and possibly then some).

On the plus side, though... at least Microsoft isn't calling the new console the Xbox One-and-a-Half.

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Xbox One Project Scorpio is slated for release during the 2017 holiday season. Screen Rant will bring you more details on the console as they become available.

Source: Microsoft

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