15X-23 And Captain Universe

X-23 and Captain Universe

Captain Universe, the awesome personification of the Uni-power of the sub-atomic Microverse, has come to Earth-616 seeking answers to question of why its power is fluctuating and why it is losing its expansive memory. As it moves from one person worthy of its incredible power to another, Advanced Idea Mechanics

(A.I.M.) is stalking Captain Universe in an effort to steal its power for themselves. S.H.I.E.L.D is determined to stop them, while capturing the cosmic entity for themselves if possible.

Following the most recent Captain Universe encounter, A.I.M operatives disguised as road crew workers scour the rubble for any trace of the Uni-power as S.H.I.E.L.D agents watch them. When some homeless teens come across the operatives while panhandling for food and spare change, things become tense. The A.I.M workers draw automatic weapons and the also homeless Laura Kinney, who has been following the teens at a discreet distance, intercedes on their behalf in Captain Universe: X-23 #1. The A.I.M operatives radio for help, and soon, Laura is surrounded by visibility cloaked commandos. During the ensuing fight, Laura is possessed by the Uni-Power and becomes Captain Universe. The Uni-power needs Laura to infiltrate an A.I.M outpost and destroy their data surrounding itself. Remembering what was done to her in the name of “research”, X-23 opts to help the cosmic entity destroy the data files before A.I.M. can use it for their purposes.

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