Hugh Jackman: 'Audiences Will Buy' X-23 Spinoff Movie

Hugh Jackman's time as Wolverine has come to an end, but he thinks audiences are ready for Dafne Keen's X-23 to be the next Wolverine.

Logan - Laura Kinney aka X-23

Dafne Keen was a breakout star as X-23 in Logan and Hugh Jackman is in full support of her becoming the next Wolverine and getting a spinoff. Keen's breakout role appeared to be locked in stone from the very first glimpse of her in action, and the reactions from Logan only proved how much audiences loved her. While Logan was the end of Hugh Jackman's journey as Wolverine, it leaves Laura's story open for more adventures. Fox has yet to make any official announcements about X-23's future, but an X-23 movie only continues to gain supporters - including Jackman.

Similarly to Jackman, the role within the X-Men universe will be the launching point for Keen's future. While Fox has maintained their stance that recasting Wolverine is a long ways away, they have the perfect way to continue bringing a different version of the character to the big screen should X-23 take up the mantle as she has in the comics. We'll have to wait and see if that is Fox's ultimate plan, but Jackman believes its the only option in his mind and that everyone will love it.

Collider had a spoiler filled chat with Jackman ahead of Logan's Blu-Ray/DVD release and asked him about the possibility of Wolverine being rebooted down the line. While he understands why Fox could make this decision down the road (and open it up to actors of all ethnicities), for his money, he is most interested in seeing more of his Logan co-star Dafne Keen.

Jackman: I think one thing we’ve learned: when X-Men started, it was pretty revolutionary. Like the comic book itself, I think there was an element of breaking conventions, of opening up in the concentration camp with a character, was not what people expected. I think X-Men has always been about asking questions, challenging norms and asking what’s going on. I’m not saying we’ve done that always, but I definitely think the spirit of Logan is in a way a reboot of that desire to keep taking risks and to ask more difficult questions, and to go deeper within the characters. In an irreverent way, it’s exactly what Deadpool did too. I think it’s endemic to the character. I think for me, it would make sense to go younger with Logan. I think it would be very difficult – however, there’s a female 11-year-old who could absolutely frickin’ nail it, for my money.

Collider: She is fantastic. She’s so good.

Jackman: So good. I was 30 when I got the part, so I think it would be wide open to interpretation. I think it could be anything. You could go any color, any race, anything. If you look at all the drawings and all the different interpretations from different artists over the years, I think it’s completely open. I think audiences will buy it.

Logan Final Trailer - Dafne Keen as X-23

Now that Jackman is publicly backing an X-23 movie, he joins millions of fans in doing the same. With there being options at Fox's disposal, it is uncertain which path they'll choose, but it would feel much more natural to allow Keen to grow with this role for the next few decades than to wait and simply recast a new, young Logan.

Not only is Jackman behind the idea of X-23 becoming Wolverine, but with Logan's ending showing Laura's respect her newest mentor, it only feels right that she has the opportunity to fulfill her potential as a hero. Keen has also expressed her interest in leading a franchise of her own, and at such a young age, Fox could lock her down for the foreseeable future without a problem. Plus, The Wolverine and Logan director James Mangold has shown time and time again he would be interested in directing an X-23 film that deals with her growing up with these newfound responsibilities.

Thankfully, Fox has plenty of time to figure out what is next for X-23 and the Wolverine mantle. They have three films on deck for 2018, so they can take the next year or so to determine what path to go down. Hopefully they wind up on the same wavelengths as Jackman and give Keen the chance to be the next Wolverine, because Jackman's faith (and hypothetical money) should be well-placed.

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Source: Collider

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