15Her first appearance wasn’t in comics

x-23 X-Men Evolution

Much like another beloved character, Harley Quinn, X-23 did not get her start in the comics. Harley Quinn’s misadventures began in Batman: The Animated Series, while X-23 made her first appearance in the much beloved, but largely forgotten X-Men: Evolution. Interestingly, Tara Strong has, at some point,

voiced both characters.

Created by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, X-23 first showed up in the eponymous episode. Blaming Wolverine for all her troubles – which were many – she went to the mansion and terrorized the X-Men. Seriously, she took out everyone!

By episode’s end, she was pitted in a fight with Logan and it was a battle that he had no desire to win. She finally broke down, and Logan, being the only one who could truly understand her, was able to comfort Laura. He helped her escape from Nick Fury, but it wasn’t the last we’d see of X-23 in the Marvel Animated Universe.

X-23 NYX #4
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