12Only her claws are laced with adamantium

X-23 Claws

By now you are well aware that X-23 has two extendable bone claws in each arm and one in each foot, as opposed to Wolverine, who has three in each arm. That’s not the only difference between them, though. X-23 does not have an entire skeleton coated in adamantium. The

only parts of her bonded to the near-indestructible metal alloy are her claws.

One of the doctors involved in Laura’s “upbringing”, Zander Rice, exposed her to radiation poisoning at seven years old. The purpose of this act of torture was to activate X-23’s mutant gene. They needed her healing factor to be fully functional in order to take the next step in their twisted plan.

The good doctor pulled out Laura’s claws and coated them in adamantium. Following that, he reinserted them into her hands and feet. The most horrifying part of the procedure was the fact that Rice didn’t use any anesthesia on Laura. She eventually killed him, before thankfully escaping from the facility.

X-23 Trigger Scent
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