13She is not actually a clone

X-23 Genetic Twin

When X-23 was introduced, many thought that she was a clone, but Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost clarified in X-23: Innocence Lost that this was not the case. Laura is not a mere clone of Logan, but rather his genetic twin. Doctor Sarah Kinney was tasked with cloning Wolverine.

However, the one genetic sample that they had was damaged and Kinney couldn't salvage the Y chromosome. Luckily, she had a brilliant idea: Why not make this weapon female?

Kinney's bosses were not onboard, so she was forced to covertly continue the project. She was eventually found out, but her superiors agreed to let her continue. As punishment for her insolence, Kinney was forced to be the child's surrogate. After the 22 unsuccessful attempts that preceded her, Laura, aka, X-23 was finally born. Doctor Sarah Kinney was the only mother she ever knew.

Although Kinney attempted to remain detached from the child she would come to call Laura – she was meant to be nothing more than a weapon after all – Kinney loved her like a daughter. She was the one that wound up helping the girl escape.

X-23 Claws
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