5 Things Wynonna Earp Does Better Than Supernatural (& 5 Things Supernatural Does Better)

Wynonna Earp and Supernatural each follow their own set of rules. Plot lines, character development, and backstories may seem similar, but each show obviously has a different way of doing things. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) may not seem wildly different from Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley); it's obvious Dean and Wynonna are the tough siblings whereas Sam and Waverly are more lighthearted, for instance. Though each show definitely carries heavily dysfunctional familial backstories, haunted siblings and supernatural elements galore, there are just some factors that one show does better than the other. Here are some components that Wynonna Earp does better--alongside a few things that Supernatural does better.

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10 Wynonna Earp: The Introduction

While Supernatural provided a strong pilot that led to a fifteen-year run, Wynonna Earp certainly had a faster paced pilot episode. Within the first five minutes Wynonna is off the bus to save a fellow passenger from local demons just outside of her hometown, Purgatory. When she fails to save the passenger, she heads into town, where we learn her uncle has been recently murdered (and where she is greeted by her shotgun-wielding sister, who desists when she realizes she's aiming for Wynonna). The pilot episode gives us all the preliminary information we need about Wynonna and her past, as well as what she faces by coming home after being away for years. Supernatural had a more gradual introduction and pace that could leave the first-time viewer wondering exactly what they're in for, whereas Wynonna Earp didn't hesitate in its debut.

9 Supernatural: Classic Music

Everyone knows how particular Dean is about music and his rules when it comes to the radio. He often makes fun of Sam's taste in music and hardly ever allows him to choose the tunes. Wynonna Earp may have music of its own that is suiting to their setting, but it doesn't have the importance that it does in Supernatural.

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Music is a part of Dean's character, emphasizing his personality to an extent as he belts out to the likes of ACDC and Metallica. Music is very important to Supernatural itself; "Carry On My Wayward Son" has been claimed as their theme song for years.

8 Wynonna Earp: Better Fashion Choices

From minute one, we can see Wynonna has a unique sense of style from the black boots to the fringe leather jacket that she's wearing in the pilot episode. She mixes it up far more than Sam or Dean, who seem comfortable sticking to their regular jeans and flannel shirts. Dean had an edge with his father's leather jacket for the first few seasons, but otherwise he and Sam are practically twinning in every episode when it comes to their wardrobes. Wynonna and Waverly mix it up and show that you can still kick some butt and look good while doing it. While Wynonna and Waverly look cool, Dean and Sam opt for practical (which saves them from grieving for a favorite shirt or pair of pants).

7 Supernatural: Pop Culture References

Dean is the King of Pop Culture References. In the middle of a fight, a serious or lighthearted moment, Dean has a reference every time. Wynonna, not so much. To be honest, it's hard to top Dean. He's seen a lot of movies and television shows, plus he's savvy when it comes to music (regarding the genre of classic rock, anyway).

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Wynonna would have a lot of catching up to do in order to compete against Dean for the title. Plus, to know so many pop culture references is so purely Dean that we can't imagine Wynonna being anything like him in that respect. Rest assured, Dean will always be the master of pop culture.

6 Wynonna Earp: Girl Power

Let's be honest: Wynonna is seriously badass. She blew up a motorcycle, isn't afraid to face a Revenant, she's handy with a knife, and she's got a temper. She's inspiring to women everywhere. She can take care of herself and those she loves, and she looks out for her plagued hometown of Purgatory. Meanwhile, on Supernatural, we have some girl power (like Charlie, Jody or Donna), but not to the same extent. These days, Wynonna's girl power is needed more than ever, so we definitely appreciate that this show bests Supernatural when it comes to this element.

5 Supernatural: The Cool Car

Wynonna certainly doesn't possess this unique element in television these days: the cool car that everyone identifies with the show it's in. Like KITT on Knight Rider, we all know Baby on Supernatural. An entire episode was filmed completely from Baby's perspective; an impressive feat, especially for a car that doesn't talk.

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The black 1967 Chevrolet Impala is Dean's most treasured possession and a major part of the Winchester family history; in many instances, it could be considered their one permanent home as they've spent so much time within the car. A component like this certainly wouldn't make much sense on Wynonna Earp, but it absolutely suits Supernatural, as we could never imagine the Winchesters driving anything else.

4 Wynonna Earp: Law Enforcement

Once in a blue moon will you find the Winchesters working with law enforcement. Even rarer will you find it going well for them (with the exceptions of Jody and Donna). As for Wynonna, law enforcement is a more important--and more positive--element on the show. Wynonna herself is recruited to join the Black Badge Division by Deputy Marshal Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson) in the pilot. She and Xavier develop something of a flirtatious relationship, with Dolls becoming her love interest. Seems law enforcement works out better for her than Sam and Dean, who are more often than not on the FBI's Most Wanted List.

3 Supernatural: Monster Variety

Wynonna is usually busy hunting Revenants, protecting her town and trying to break out of her family's curse. Dean and Sam began their hunting journey by tracking down the monster-of-the-week, and later faced threats of a more universal level, like Lucifer or more recently, Michael.

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In any case, Sam and Dean have faced far more creatures of supernatural variety and on a greater scale than Wynonna (even though she's dealt with some serious threats over the years). Supernatural hasn't been afraid to mix things up and have either fascinated us with their creativity (or horrified us with their gore).

2 Wynonna Earp: Family History

We thought Sam and Dean's story was tragic (it is), but Wynonna gives tragic an entirely new level of meaning. She accidentally shot and killed her own father, shortly after her older sister was taken while her younger sister bore witness to the entire thing. She was later subjected to being sent away and considered a pariah among her hometown. The guilt that Wynonna is forced to live with, on top of being the heir to Wyatt Earp's abilities is a lot of pressure to bear. Mary Winchester's untimely supernatural death (and the Winchester boys being subjected to a childhood of hunting as a result) may seem like a walk in the park compared to Wynonna's devastating backstory.

1 Supernatural: Sibling Relationship

Wynonna and Waverly have a good, if not somewhat dysfunctional, relationship. We don't mind watching them together. Yet, Sam and Dean have a powerful connection they bring to the screen that makes us truly feel for them. Their dedication to one another, their refusal to let the other die and to protect the other at all costs is touching. It may be severely unhealthy, but we're drawn to their relationship anyway because it makes us feel everything that they do: love, loss, heartbreak, and healing. They've been through so much in their lives and have always faced everything together. Their connection is undeniably a special one among siblings, and it's hard to top.

Each show is a fan-favorite, even if one may do better in some departments than the other. That's show business: some things will work on certain shows that won't work on others. The key is finding a balance to make that one show work, and for the audience, well, it's just fun to conduct a compare and contrast.

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