Wynonna Earp Tries To Break A Curse In Season 2 Trailer

Wynonna Earp pilot

A new trailer for season 2 of Wynonna Earp has been released. Producer Emily Andras (Lost GirlKilljoys) splashed back onto the small screen when her brainchild, Wynonna Earp, premiered on Syfy last year. The whip-smart Western series follows Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), descendant of Wyatt, as she fights back demons called Revenants as part of a familial curse.

The much-praised show is primed to come back for a second season this summer, and fans of the cult hit couldn't be happier. The show will bring its many assets, including dynamic characters and an awesome premise, back to Syfy in just a few weeks. With the show's sophomore premiere right around the corner, Syfy is queuing up the promotional material, including an explosive new trailer.

The trailer, released on IGN earlier today, reintroduces us to fan favorites from the first season, including Wynonna's shrewd little sister, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), and her crime-fighting partners Deputy Marshall Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson) and Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon). This glimpse at season 2 shows Wynonna and co. kicking ass and taking names as she strives to undo her family's curse. You can check it out, in full, above.

Agent Dolls on the case in Wynonna Earp

Not only does the trailer reveal some favorite characters from season 1, it also revisits a favorite fan relationship: the romance unfolding between Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell). The preview doesn't reveal anything about Wynonna's romantic potential with both Xavier and Doc, and it's possible that season 2 will provide more of the same, as one of the show's greatest strengths is its avoidance of love triangles.

After all, Wynonna's got things to do, and it looks like her Revenant roster is only going to grow in season 2. Along with her trusty demon-killing Colt, Peacemaker, Wynonna will continue to shoulder the burden of her family's curse. We hope that the show, among all the promised action, will continue to make time for its previously skillful depictions of familial struggle and character development. For instance, though Waverly loves and supports her sister, she is far more knowledgeable about the curse, which Wynonna was forced into battling after the untimely death of their older sister.

Wynonna Earp offers a much-needed estrogen injection into the world of sci-fi, and we're delighted to see the show primed for a dynamic sophomore season. Hopefully this time around, fans will really take notice of the hidden gem, and its ratings will perk up after a lackluster showing for the season 1 finale.

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Wynonna Earp returns to SyFy for a second season on Friday, June 9 at 10 p.m. EST.

Source: IGN

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