Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 9 Features The Show's Creepiest Monster

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9

Of all the sinister supernatural beings on Wynonna Earp, season 2 episode 9’s creepy porcelain doll was the scariest. Since gunslinger Wynonna moved back to her hometown of Purgatory she’s faced off against all kinds of demons, monsters, devils and other evil beings. There’s been bloodthirsty vampires, giant spiders, and Mictian – a chestburster-like demon that possessed Waverly and Wynonna for a spell before the latter vanquished it back to hell.

Another frightening Wynonna Earp foe was the wish-granting genie demon known as a Marzaniok, which looked like an evil scarecrow and had a habit of forcing victims to disembowel themselves. Then there’s the ever-present threat of the seventy-seven Revenants Wynonna is tasked with killing, most of whom are understandably out to get her before she gets them, making Purgatory a somewhat tense place to live.

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The creepiest being Wynonna faced came in Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9 when the show took a cue from the likes of Annabelle and Child’s Play and threw an evil doll into Purgatory’s already menacing mix of creatures. Titled “Forever Mine Nevermind,” the episode saw Doc Holliday buy an ugly painting from a rather insistent shopkeeper. Curiously, the painting featured a girl holding a creepy doll and sitting in a cornfield on a rural property that looked suspiciously like the Earp family homestead.

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9

After Doc gifted the ugly painting to a heavily pregnant Wynonna, weird stuff started happening pretty much immediately when the creepy porcelain doll came to life. As Wynonna and Doc Holliday argued over the latter’s refusal to give up his immortality ring - which just so happened to be the third seal needed to resurrect Bulshar Clootie - the doll was lurking in the background watching their drama unfold.  A pint-size porcelain doll is terrifying enough but this demonic entity eventually grew to a terrifyingly life-size version. It also seemed to hold some kind of power over Wynonna and Doc that caused them to argue even more and throw some rather unpleasant home truths in each other’s faces.

It soon transpired that – like Wynonna and half of Purgatory – the devil doll was also after Doc’s ring. She almost got her grubby mitts on it too before Wynonna put a bullet right through her porcelain kisser with her trusty Peacemaker gun. Threat eliminated for now, our heroine ended Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9 with a typically witty one-liner directed at her most recent opponent: “Sorry, we already have a Dolls.” Classic Wynonna.

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