Wynonna Earp: 10 Facts About the Earp Family Most Fans Don't Know

It's always a joy for fans everywhere when networks actually try hard to come up with compelling characters. And strong, female, characters at that. When Wynonna Earp first premiered back in 2016, it was a breath of fresh air, simply because there was nothing quite like it around. When it comes to this show, there really is something for everyone - the thrill of old fashioned westerns, the workings of the supernatural world, family curses, and loving relationships.

Originally based on the comic book series with the same name, Wynonna Earp has its roots in somewhat of a true story. Wyatt Earp was notorious and recurring American frontiersman in the stories of the Wild West. Serving as the premise that eventually leads the entire show is the Earp family name, that for the past three years has been serving us some phenomenal gun fighting scenes, with a complex and interesting female lead headlining the show. But how much do you know about the Earp family, both real and imaginary? Let's take a look at 10 facts fans probably had no idea about!

10 The Real Wyatt Earp Had No Children

The entire show is based on the premise that famous gunman Wyatt Earp killed 77 enemies that keep coming back from the dead. It's the eldest heir's job to fight them and defeat them all and Wynonna is the most recent member of the family to carry the wight. Over the show, we've been introduced to several other past heirs, all of them direct descendants from the great Wyatt Earp. Which means, of course, that none of this would have been possible if the legendary Earp hadn't left any offspring.

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When it comes to the real-life side of things, however, that's exactly what happened. As much as we wished something besides the legendary status of Wyatt Earp was real, it isn't. The original patriarch of the Earp family took his name to the grave and left no children that we know about. Thank god for artistic liberties!

9 Waverly Earp Is A Multilinguist

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Waverly Earp Dominique Provost-Chalkley

The half-human, half-angel lovable character of Waverly Earp brings something extra to the show. Undoubtedly, one of the most enticing elements of the series is the relationship between Waverly and her half-sister Wynonna. Take away all the supernatural elements, and we're still left with a beautiful tale of the sisterly love that, in the end, has the power of conquering all.

Waverly might be the youngest, but that doesn't mean she isn't talented. The character is an avid book reader, and incredibly studious. She made it her mission to research everything she could possibly find about the Earp family curse. Besides, she's also close to being a polyglot - Waverly speaks four languages, including English and Latin.

8 Josiah Earp Was Very Brave

Josiah Earp in Wynonna Earp

When it comes to Earp heirs, there's always bound to exist some healthy competition amongst the family. You have to try and make a horrible course that implies killing old enemies that come back from the dead fun, right? Wynonna being the title character, and the one whose story we get to follow, she's obviously the Earp heir we know more about.

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However, it's also been hinted at a few characteristics from previous heirs, Josiah Earp being one of them. Josiah was actually the first heir, the son of Wyatt himself. Two-Faced Jack describes him as being incredibly courageous, and even though he tragically died at the hands of the Seven, no one doubts it.

7 Waverly Earp Was Made For The Show

Wynonna and Waverly Earp strong female characters

We've already established that the real Wyatt Earp had no children of his own, which makes the whole show in terms of actual real-life depiction null and void. That doesn't really bother anyone, especially taking into account that the show is more based on the comics Wynona Earp than it is on historical events (wouldn't that be awesome, though?).

As it just so happens with TV shows that are adapted from other sources, namely books and comics, the showrunners took a few creative liberties. One of those liberties implied creating new storylines and characters, including Wynnona's younger sister, Waverly. And it's great that they did because these two make for a fantastic on-screen sibling relationship!

6 The Real Wyatt Earp Had Four Wives

Just because good old Wyatt Earp didn't manage to produce any offspring (that we know of), this doesn't imply that he didn't have his fair share of fun while he was still alive. We all know Wyatt Earp was one heck of a gunman, and he was the only participant in the famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral who managed to walk away without a scratch.

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But he did more than just fight. Wyatt Earp actually had four different wives! He could be considered the American Henry VIII of his time, except he didn't execute any of his wives. He just really liked women, so he took it upon himself to marry four of them.

5 Michelle Gibson Was Carnival Queen

There's not much we know about Wynnona's mother, Michelle Gibson. The show dedicated so little time thinking about the place and storyline of this character, there was even an instance where her name was completely different from the ones fans now know and accept as canon, which has been confirmed on Twitter.

We do know her daughter loves her, going as far as visiting her in prison, and naming her first-born daughter after her, alongside her paternal grandmother. We also know that back in 1996, Michelle Gibson was Carnival Queen, a piece of information granted by a poster on display in Pussy Willows.

4 Edwin Earp Was A Star Heir

Edwin Earp in Wynonna Earp

While Josiah Earp has been deemed the bravest heir (let's be honest, you do have to be incredibly courageous to be the first one chased by your father's undead enemies and set out to kill all of them), Wynnona's grandfather, Edwin Earp, has been referred by Jack of Knives as the most ambitious heir.

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This probably stems from the fact that Edwin was only the heir for eleven months (he's also been called the One Year Wonder) but he killed pretty much all of the 77 revenants in that short span of time. Quite the accomplishment, even for an Earp heir!

3 Wynonna Earp Was A Groupie

Wynonna Earp is a lot of things. Brave as a lion, fiercer than an America's Next Top Model contestant, a loving sister, and a skilled warrior. She flawed, and she's complex, which is what makes her such a compelling and interesting character, to begin with. Accompanying her development throughout the show is extremely entertaining due to all of these things.

Wynonna Earp was also a groupie. Yes, you read that right - before becoming the heir to Wyatt Earp, she toured with the band Nine Inch Nails for about a month. Why? Because she's Wynonna, and she can, that's why. It definitely adds to the interesting character that she is, no doubt about that.

2 Willa & Wynonna Used To Be Close

Willa Earp in Wynonna Earp

Willa's storyline on Wynonna Earp was heartbreaking to witness. Originally set to become the heir to Wyatt Earl, Willa was thought to be dead, which prompted Wynonna to take the place of the eldest living heir. Willa was actually alive, and she ended up turning evil, going so far as betraying her own kin several times.

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Many would argue she met the ending the deserved after her demise. But with sisterly love being such a recurring theme on the show, it might not come as a huge shock that the two eldest sisters were actually incredibly close growing up. According to Willa, they were like "two peas", which just makes her destiny even more depressing.

1 Ward Earp Was Abusive

Ward Earp in Wynonna Earp

Not many details were revealed to the audiences about Ward Earp, the heir from 1993 to 2000, and biological father of Wynonna and Willa. Besides his tragic death at the hands of Wynonna (accidentally, of course), his previous existence is somewhat immersed in mystery.

However, we do know that his wife left him and the children in 1998. And it's Willa herself who indicates Ward was violent towards their mother, and that she would frequently hide with Willa, Wynonna, and Waverly in the edge of town when things got out of hand. In hindsight, it's probably best that more time isn't dedicated to a character that seems so terrible.

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