WWE Writer Reveals Original Plan For Vince McMahon ‘Death’ Story Arc

If you're a pro wrestling fan, then you will undoubtedly be extremely familiar with the McMahon family. Ever since the patriarch of the McMahons, Vince, began playing an on-air role as the owner of WWE during the 1990s the family played a key part in a number of the company's storylines. Shortly after Vince was properly introduced to the WWE Universe, his son Shane and daughter Stephanie were also used as characters to further angles. Then, by the turn of the century, the fans were also well versed with Vince's wife, Linda.

Aside from Shane's children accompanying their father to the ring at WrestleMania 32, that's basically it for McMahon family members that we fans have been introduced to. However, ten years ago, there were plans in place to introduce us to another McMahon. Roderick McMahon. Roderick is Vince's real-life brother and WWE was dead set on bringing him into the fold back in 2007.


Court Bauer, a former writer with WWE, revealed the details of the scrapped angle during an interview with The World According To Wrestling podcast. At the time the company put the wheels in motion for bringing in Roderick during the Vince McMahon death angle. For those unfamiliar with the storyline, Mr. McMahon was allegedly "killed" after his limousine exploded with him inside. Shortly after the real-life deaths of Chris Benoit and his family occurred and the angle was scrapped.

Bauer elaborated on the plans for Vince's brother explaining that Roderick's first appearance would have taken place at Vince's on-screen funeral. While Vince's character, and likely his real-life persona, is a very intense and unforgiving man, Roderick'son-screenn persona was all set to be quite the opposite. Where the angle would have gone in the long term remains unclear, but Roderick would have effectively been portrayed as the anti-Vince despite being his flesh and blood.

The McMahons are some of the most fascinating people to ever grace the pro wrestling business. They all have such big personalities that it probably didn't occur to many that there is an extended family past the on-screen characters. The idea to bring in Roderick was a stroke of genius, and it's a real shame that the events which unfolded shortly after stopped that from happening. Vince certainly made the right call though, and pushing forward with a fake death story amidst the Benoit tragedy would have been extremely tasteless.

To this day, it feels like we get an awful lot of the McMahons on WWE TV, so maybe it was for the best that Roderick was never introduced. Stephanie and Shane are the commissioners of Raw and SmackDown Live respectively, and even Vince still appears semi-regularly despite being 72 years old. The addition of another McMahon would have only further pushed more deserving Superstars down the card and may have even led to more of the family joining the company.


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