WWE: Triple H Joins The Shield for European Tour

Today marked the beginning of WWE's latest European tour, and with Roman Reigns out of action, Triple H served as his surprise Shield replacement. After a long break from in-ring competition, the multi-time world champion turned WWE executive has been called upon to return to action as of late, due to a viral outbreak that has caused several wrestlers to miss time.

The first instance of HHH coming to the rescue took place at a WWE live event in Chile on the night of the TLC pay-per-view. Bray Wyatt was unable to compete in his scheduled grudge match against Finn Balor, so WWE flew in AJ Styles to face Balor in what most fans considered a dream match. However, someone needed to fill in for Styles at the Chile show, and that's where "The Game" came in, squaring off with and defeating Baron Corbin.

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At today's WWE live event in Glasgow, Scotland, someone was needed to fill in for Shield member Roman Reigns, who remains on the shelf. Raw GM Kurt Angle filled in for Reigns at TLC, but in Glasgow, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose found themselves forming an unlikely partnership with Triple H. This makeshift Shhhield took on the equally odd team of a now healthy Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, and Sheamus. Strange developments like this are actually one big reason WWE fans should attend non-televised events, as both management and the performers themselves have freedom to indulge in wacky, surprising stuff without having to adhere to the restrictions of ongoing TV storylines.

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