WWE Talent Walking Out: Explaining Missing Names Backstage

Two WWE superstars have walked out (with one allegedly quitting) while a writer got himself fired. What on earth is going on in WWE right now? There are people leaving the company, others being released, and it feels like new rumors are surfacing almost every single day about who exactly will be next. This domino effect all began less than two weeks ago—although it really does feel like it has been going on a lot longer—when Neville reportedly walked out of Raw due to conflict over what he was booked to do that night, and apparently that was to once again lose to Enzo Amore.

Now, obviously, if Neville has indeed turned his back on WWE for good, it won't be because he had one bad day at the office. After his no-show on Raw stories began to emerge that The King Of The Cruiserweights had been disillusioned with his placement on the 205 Live roster for a while now, and the Monday before last was simply the final straw according to Wrestling Observer. Neville isn't the only WWE employee to have disappeared from the company in the last two weeks though.


A few days after Neville first went missing, WWE made the decision to let go of producer Jimmy Jacobs. The former Ring Of Honor star greeted and took photos with members of the Bullet Club—a faction of independent stars from a rival promotion—when they invaded Raw and that was beyond the pail for Vince McMahon. While Jacobs' situation is obviously a lot more concrete—he's been released while Neville is in limbo—there are similarities. Jacobs' friends in the business, like Chris Jericho, have said that he is a smart man, and was also likely disillusioned with WWE, otherwise, he wouldn't have done what he did.

But wait, there's more! Nia Jax, Bray Wyatt, and Bo Dallas have also been inexplicably absent from Raw for two weeks now. While there doesn't seem to be much buzz around Dallas and Wyatt—the two real-life brothers caught a nasty case of meningitis, according to Justin LaBar, though WWE is still advertising the latter for his match with Finn Balor at TLC this Sunday–the same can't be said for Jax. Rumors began to circulate that Jax followed in Neville's footsteps, although that talk was quickly quashed with hearsay that she had actually been granted a leave of absence. That could really mean anything though at this point, but her on-screen friend Alexa Bliss told the New York Post that Jax needed to take time off to let her body rest.


What does this all mean though? When you analyze all of the above situations then there really doesn't seem to be much correlation between them. Neville and Jax are away from the company, but for different reasons, Jimmy Jacobs was released, while Dallas and Wyatt will hopefully be back by the weekend.

Then again, that could be by design. If Nia Jax did indeed walk out of Raw this past Monday, then WWE is going to do all that they can to spin it in their favor, labeling it a leave of absence rather than Jax taking it upon herself to walk out. This could just be chalked up as a bad few weeks for WWE talent, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

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