18Has Support: Shinsuke Nakamura

The signing of Shinsuke Nakamura to WWE was entirely Triple H's idea, and there's no doubt that Hunter was (and still is) a huge fan and supporter of Nakamura. In NXT where Hunter had full creative control, we got a glimpse of the potential Hunter saw in Shinsuke, and by all means,

very few fans were against Nakamura's rise to prominence in NXT. Triple H had very high hopes for Shinsuke Nakamura on the WWE's main roster, and while Vince was willing to run with the idea of pushing Shinsuke for a brief period of time, McMahon quickly lost interest in Nakamura.

Unfortunately, Shinsuke has been on quite the downward spiral in recent times on SmackDown Live. The former United States Champion is nowhere near as influential or prominent as he was just a year ago, and it really goes to show you just how much can change in one calendar year for a WWE Superstar.

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