19Wants Gone: Baron Corbin

Despite being a product of NXT, Baron Corbin certainly wasn't one of the Superstars Triple H was the most hopeful would succeed on Raw or SmackDown Live. In fact, for whatever reason, Triple H was never a very big fan or supporter of Baron Corbin despite his agility and overall speed

for a man of his size, but thankfully for Corbin, Vince was fond of "The Lone Wolf" – enough to keep Corbin in a relevant position in WWE.

Apparently, Baron Corbin rubbed Triple H the wrong way with his sour attitude and disposition behind the scenes, and while this definitely annoyed Vince to a certain extent as well, Vinny Mac has undoubtedly been far more forgiving considering Baron has rebounded since his "burial" of sorts during his MITB briefcase run. Baron Corbin is lucky Vince is still running the ship, because if he weren't, Triple H would waste absolutely no time sending Baron Corbin off!

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