WWE SummerSlam: Did Ronda Rousey Become Raw Women's Champion?

WWE SummerSlam saw former UFC star Ronda Rousey get her second shot at the Raw Women's Championship. Did she manage to defeat Alexa Bliss? From the moment Rousey debuted at the Royal Rumble in January, it's been obvious that she would eventually hold one of the WWE's two women's championships. Sure enough, she got her first shot at the Raw women's title at June's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, against intimidatingly large champion Nia Jax. Rousey seemed on her way to victory, before Bliss - who had won the women's Money in the Bank ladder match earlier in the show - emerged, attacked both women, then pinned Jax for the gold.

That seemed clearly designed to set up Bliss' next title defense being against Rousey, but to prolong the feud, WWE booked a story in which Rousey was suspended for a month onscreen due to violently attacking both Bliss and Raw GM Kurt Angle in a fit of rage. This delayed the big Bliss/Rousey encounter until SummerSlam, which WWE markets as its second biggest major show of the year, second only to WrestleMania in the spring.

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Going into tonight's SummerSlam pay-per-view card, the conventional wisdom from fans was that there was no way Rousey was going to lose. Having her challenge for and win the Raw Women's Championship at the second most important show of her rookie year is the type of triumphant moment that WWE loves to give those the company sees as long-term stars of the future. So, did Rousey in fact capture the title, or did Bliss squeak out a surprising victory?

In this case, the predictions of most that Rousey would beat Bliss proved absolutely correct. The UFC hall of famer not only defeated "The Goddess," she did so in a completely one-sided fashion. The few instances of Bliss offense were completely shrugged off by "The Rowdy One," ending up with Rousey cleanly tapping out the now former Raw's women champion with the patented armbar submission that brought her multiple dominating victories within the world of MMA.

While Bliss will of course get her standard rematch for the title, it seems likely that Rousey will carry the Raw Women's Championship proudly into October's Evolution event, WWE's first ever pay-per-view featuring only female competitors. Bliss has already been announced for a match against returning legend Trish Stratus at that show, so it remains to be seen who Rousey will be defending against, presuming she makes it through September's Hell in a Cell event with her reign intact.

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