WWE SummerSlam: Ricochet Debuts New Nightwing Gear

Heading into a WWE SummerSlam rematch with AJ Styles for the United States Championship, Ricochet debuted brand new Nightwing-inspired ring gear. While he's only been in WWE for a relatively short time, Ricochet has for years been one of professional wrestling's best equivalents to a superhero. Ricochet possesses aerial abilities and athleticism arguably not seen since the 1990s prime of Rey Mysterio. There's basically no high-flying move Ricochet can't pull off, and make it look amazingly crisp and breathtaking in the process.

Of course, if there's one athlete in the WWE who can lay claim to being at or at least near Ricochet's level as an aerial artist, it's "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. It may have taken Styles until 2016 to make it to WWE, but he's taken to the company like it's where he was almost meant to be. Now a multi-time WWE champion, Styles finds himself the current holder of the U.S. gold, a title he earned by defeating Ricochet last month at the Extreme Rules event.

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The feud between Styles and Ricochet began as a rivalry between two fan-favorite performers, but after initially proving unable to take Ricochet's championship, Styles turned heel and realigned with his former running buddies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, or The Club. Styles return to the dark side brought him the U.S. title, leading to a rematch at SummerSlam. Unfortunately for Ricochet, Styles emerged victorious, but at least the "One and Only" looked great in the loss, sporting an awesome Nightwing-inspired ring attire. Check out an image, some gifs, and clips from the match below, which also offer a better look at Ricochet's gear.

Styles got the win at SummerSlam in a truly stunning sequence in which he caught Ricochet in the middle of an attempted springboard 450, and laid him out with the Styles Clash finishing move. The series of matches between Styles and Ricochet continues to impress, and had the crowd on the edge of their seats for every near-fall. Gallows and Anderson proved to be a thorn in Ricochet's side as expected, but Styles did at least pick up a semi-clean win.

It seems likely that the Styles vs. Ricochet feud isn't over, and with matches this good, why would anyone want it to be? However, hopefully the next one comes with some type of stipulation to justify a truly one-on-one match between the two happening.  Or if that's not in the cards, a ladder match between the two high-flyers seems like it could be quite amazing. For now, The Club, or "The OC" as they've now oddly been dubbed, continue to reign supreme over Ricochet and WWE.

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