20Overpaid: The Undertaker ($2.5 Million)

While The Undertaker has earned his status as one of the most legendary performers in WWE history, it is difficult to justify his high price tag considering how many matches he participates in, a year.

By his recent standards, 2018 has been a busier year than usual for The Deadman as

he had four televised matches. This is a drastic increase from the past when he averaged two matches a year. Given his high salary, this means that he earned over six-hundred thousand dollars per match. If that salary were put towards several other talents, WWE would be getting more of their money's worth in the ring.

The Undertaker's retirement has been looming for several years now. While it will be a sad day for wrestling when he finally hangs up his boots, it will be a significant savings for Vince McMahon.

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