19Underpaid: Braun Strowman ($300K)

The Monster Among Men has become one of the best success stories in the past year for WWE. After seemingly being brought in only due to his size, he was paired alongside the Wyatt Family as a muscle-headed goon that did not seem to have a viable future with the

company. However, when he was repacked as an unstoppable monster, fans took to him in a very unexpected way. Since his increase in popularity, he has become a big draw for the company and is a staple on the RAW main event scene.

However, despite Strowman's increase in popularity, his salary did not rise accordingly.

Strowman should be compensated by the company for all the work he has done lately. He is arguably one of the most popular wrestlers on the RAW brand, but is not being paid as such. While other giants around him are paid giant salaries, he is paid more like a Cruiserweight.

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