WWE Smackdown: Was Vince McMahon’s Bleeding Head Real or Planned?

This week's WWE SmackDown Live featured Kevin Owens busting open Vince McMahon with a headbutt, here's how it was done. When it comes to authority figures in professional wrestling, there are none more intimidating than Vince McMahon, or as his snarling TV character is referred to, Mr. McMahon. This makes perfect sense, as McMahon isn't just some on-screen figurehead, he's the real-life Chairman and CEO of WWE who built the company into the worldwide powerhouse it is today.

Mr. McMahon's position as badest of the bad guys— at least when it comes to people who aren't active wrestlers—was cemented by his legendary feud with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, which propelled WWE's late 90s-early 00's Attitude Era period to heights of ubiquity that wrestling hadn't seen since the days of Hulk Hogan battling Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III.

Now a 72-year-old grandfather, Mr. McMahon isn't on TV very often, though he is very active backstage. Now that his appearances are more scattered, they become more special, just like his presence on this week's SmackDown Live. McMahon appeared to address the physical altercation between wrestler Kevin Owens and Vince's son Shane, the current SmackDown Live GM. Being Mr. McMahon, he didn't hesitate to get right up in Owens' face, which led the dastardly heel to then beat the holy hell out of his boss. The beating started with a straight headbutt that busted Vince's forehead wide open. This was shocking for a lot of reasons since blood is rarely utilized in the modern PG era, much less on the owner of the company. Here's how the shocking event was accomplished.

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, McMahon's blood was very real, but it may have been prepped ahead of time. The theory suggests that McMahon reportedly created the wound on his forehead backstage, then covered it up with a substance called nu-skin. When Owens hit McMahon with the headbutt, the force of the blow simply reopened the already existing wound. It's a simple procedure but produced a very effective image of the chairman as a bloody mess while Owens continued to beat him down.

One presumes that next week's SmackDown Live will play host to the fallout from Owens' attack on the WWE boss, most likely involving Vince's daughter Stephanie, who looked none too pleased with Owens' actions. It'll also be interesting to see if Owens' good buddy Triple H—Vince's son-in-law and WWE exec in his own right—has any thoughts on what went down.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer

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