WWE SmackDown: Shane McMahon Gets Powerbombed Through a Merch Table

Over the last few weeks of WWE SmackDown, the feud between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon has built to a fever pitch, getting more and more personal. The hatred between the two was, of course, cemented by Owens' recent cowardly attack on Shane's father, WWE owner Vince McMahon. Owens busted Vince open with a headbutt, then proceeded to destroy him with power moves. Owens also went as low as to previously insinuate that the McMahon family would have been better off if Shane had died in a scary helicopter crash that took place earlier this year.

While Shane has faced many a dangerous opponent over his years as an occasional competitor in the WWE ring, Owens is arguably one of the biggest threats that "The Money" has ever encountered. Owens has shown himself to be utterly ruthless when it comes to those who get in his way, and Shane has placed himself between Owens and his goals on multiple occasions at this point.

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Not helping Shane's chances in his upcoming Falls Count Anywhere match with Owens inside the Hell in a Cell structure - set to take place at this Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view - is that the 47-year-old McMahon isn't quite the same person physically as he was back when he went toe-to-toe with Kurt Angle at King of the Ring 2001. Shane is older and slower than he once was, while Owens is only 33, and arguably in the greatest shape of his career. While Shane defending his family is commendable, Owens could very well end up sending him to the same hospital that Vince was taken to.

To illustrate just how perilous of a situation Shane might find himself in at Hell in a Cell, the two men brawled throughout the arena during the main event segment of Tuesday's SmackDown, and it didn't take long for the crafty Owens to gain the upper hand. Owens then enforced his will on the heir to the McMahon legacy, brutally powerbombing Shane through a merch table. Presumably, Owens was shocked at the prices, and decided to exact revenge on WWE's merchandise department.

After laying Shane out, Owens headed back to the ring, delivering his usual smarmy promo. Owens warned Shane that he would be in for even worse treatment this Sunday, but that didn't stop the suspended SmackDown commissioner from staggering back to the ring like a car crash victim that had just crawled out of the wreckage. Unfortunately, things didn't go much better for Shane in round two, with Owens planting him with a pop-up powerbomb. Each week, Shane's music begins with the phrase "Here Comes the Money." After Owens finishes with him, fans may instead be saying "there goes the money," as Shane is stretchered out of the building.

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