WWE SmackDown Live: Jinder Mahal Challenges Lesnar, AJ Styles Answers

Jinder Mahal issued a blockbuster challenge to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar this week, but AJ Styles has other plans for The Maharajah.

Jinder Mahal challenged Brock Lesnar to a champion vs champion match for Survivor Series but instead got a faceful of AJ Styles' fist. Mahal was an unlikely WWE Champion when he came out of nowhere to become number one contender and defeat Randy Orton for the company's most coveted crown at Backlash all the way back in May. What has been even more surprising is how long The Modern Day Maharajah has managed to hold on to the gold. It has been five months as champ for Mahal with no discernible end in sight.

So far, Mahal successfully defended his championship against the aforementioned Viper, Shinsuke Nakamura, and even Baron Corbin in a very short Money In The Bank cash-in match. So, with that in mind, the question on many fans' lips is who exactly is next for the Indian-Canadian Superstar? Apparently, Mahal will defend his title against Kevin Owens in his homeland of India, but what about the bigger picture?


Well, that question was answered by Mahal himself on SmackDown Live this week. The WWE Champion returned to TV for the first time since Hell In A Cell to issue a gargantuan challenge. The Maharajah he has beaten everyone there is to beat on his own show, so will turn his attention elsewhere. He isn't messing about either as he issued a challenge to Raw's Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar.

One man, in particular, took issue with Mahal's claims that there is no one left for him to beat on SmackDown Live, and that someone was AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One was well within his rights to take issue as well as the pair of them haven't even had a match against one another. Styles advised Mahal that he should take him on before he goes hunting for a Beast before sending the champion back to the locker room after pre-empting an inevitable attack from Mahal.

While what exactly is going on between Styles and Jinder now is unclear, SmackDown Live's crown jewel won't have to wait long to find out where he stands with Lesnar. Shortly after Mahal issued the challenge to The Beast, it was announced that Lesnar will be on Raw next week to address the potential of a match with Jinder Mahal. What Lesnar will make of Mahal's offer will be extremely interesting. Lesnar only battles those he deems to be the very best, and whether he and his advocate Paul Heyman will see that in Mahal is questionable, to say the least.

How exactly WWE will book a match between Lesnar and Mahal will be fascinating. Lesnar, of course, renowned for making very short work of his opponents, especially those who rely on outside help to win their matches like Mahal. On the other hand though, after the time and effort they put into building up Jinder, having him squashed by Lesnar at Survivor Series just seems bad business. The coming weeks and build to Survivor Series in Houston will be very interesting indeed.


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