WWE's Seth Rollins Donned New X-Men Era-Inspired Outfit During Extreme Rules

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins as WWE Extreme Rules

WWE superstar, Seth Rollins, rocked an outfit inspired by the X-Men comics at last night's Extreme Rules event. Currently in a period of falling ratings, increased fan criticism and competition from AEW, Extreme Rules comes during a period of constant change for the WWE product and traditionally offers an array of stipulation and gimmick matches. Extreme Rules 2019 featured the return of the Undertaker in a no holds barred match, Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship and a mixed-tag match pitting Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch (who WWE have been keen to remind fans are in a real-life relationship) against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans, with both the Universal Championship and Raw Women's Championship on the line.

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While most wrestlers sport a standard set of gear for weekly TV episodes and live events, many commission custom one-off outfits for pay-per-view nights. This provides wrestlers with an outlet to express their love of movies, comic books and TV shows by dressing as copyright-friendly versions of their favorite fictional characters. Famous examples from WWE history include The New Day's Dragon Ball Z Saiyan armor at Wrestlemania, Triple H's Terminator outfit and Johnny Gargano's Captain Marvel tribute at NXT: Takeover.

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WWE Extreme Rules included the latest wrestling costume tribute, as Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, came out in gear inspired by Marvel's X-Men comics. Rollins' garb featured a black and yellow color scheme with a large "X" emblazoned across the chest. This coordinated nicely with his partner's outfit, with Lynch bringing back her Kill Bill-inspired costume.

This design derives from the New X-Men era of comics by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, which saw Charles Xavier's merry band of mutants adopt a uniform look for their missions, as opposed to each individual character wearing their own unique, bright variation of colored spandex. A somewhat similar look was showcased in 2011's X-Men: First Class, with the likes of James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult donning matching black and yellow gear designed by Beast, albeit without the obvious "X" design in the center.

This effort is the latest in a long line of Seth Rollins' geeky wrestling costumes. At last year's Summerslam, Rollins dressed as Thanos, fresh from his infamous appearance in Avengers: Infinity War months prior, while his Wrestlemania 2018 gear took on a distinctly Game of Thrones vibe, complete with creepy contact lenses to resemble the Night King himself. These outfits not only look cooler than the average wrestling getup, but add to the drama and pomp around each match, connecting WWE fans to the wider world of TV and film.

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