Roman Reigns Reportedly Signs New Multi-Year WWE Contract

Top WWE star and multi-time WrestleMania headliner "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns reportedly signs a new multi-year contract with the company. It became apparent pretty early on in his WWE career that WWE saw Reigns as something special, and were attempting to position him to become the next big thing going forward. It's been obvious for the last several years that the active in-ring career of previous franchise player John Cena was winding down, and sure enough, Cena has indeed been spending far more time on set than he has in ring as of late.

For the most part, WWE has succeeded in their mission to mold Reigns into the company's standard bearer. He sells massive amounts of merchandise, his laidback charm helms him excel when doing talk shows and other promotional appearances for WWE, and his fan support is very vocal. One nut WWE hasn't entirely been able to crack though is how to get the entire audience to cheer for Reigns, just as it was never able to quite do that with Cena. Reigns' supporters are many, but his detractors have also been - and sometimes continue to be - quite loud.

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Ever since Reigns' leukemia scare and subsequent months spent away from the ring though, the crowd seems to have softened their stance on him a bit. While some continue to lead the boo brigade, it's not nearly as loud as it used to be. Whether that's due to sympathy for Reigns' battle with cancer, or simply a realization of just how much he's given to WWE, is unclear. Either way, Reigns isn't going anywhere anytime soon. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the Samoan superstar has just signed a multi-year WWE contract.

Roman Reigns on WWE Smackdown Live

The reported contract renewal comes at a point where the storyline surrounding Reigns having a mystery nemesis is heating up. Over the last several weeks, various attempts to injure or arguably even kill Reigns have taken place, and while a few suspects have emerged, none have been revealed as the dastardly antagonist in this scenario. Samoa Joe, Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan, and Rowan have all been accused by Reigns, only to insist that they're not responsible.

Interest in the story is growing among WWE fans, as everyone enjoys a good whodunit. The onus is now on WWE to write an ending that allows the mystery to be resolved in thrilling and surprising fashion, leading to a fresh feud for Reigns. Having the culprit be someone like Shane McMahon, Baron Corbin, or Brock Lesnar would be an enormous letdown, especially since Reigns has done battle with all three recently. A more interesting and surprising choice could be the newly returned "Fiend" version of Bray Wyatt, or perhaps Reigns' old buddy Seth Rollins, who might be worried about "The Big Dog" coming for his Universal Championship. For now, Reigns better watch his back.

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Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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