WWE Releases James Ellsworth

WWE announced the release of James Ellsworth on Wednesday, bringing an end to the SmackDown Live star's year and a half with the company.

WWE officially announced they have released James Ellsworth.

When the newest manifestation of a draft in WWE took place during the summer of 2016, certain Superstars on Raw were elevated via the help of what are commonly referred to as squash matches. Matchups that, more often than not, involve a contracted Superstar taking on a local talent who is not signed with the company. Naturally, the full-time star wins the match, and they do it in a pretty dominant fashion, hence the term squash match.

It was during a squash match following the 2016 draft that the WWE Universe was first introduced to James Ellsworth. Braun Strowman needed an opponent to throw around and dominate and Ellsworth answered the call. Ellsworth was interviewed before the match, boldly claiming that any man with two hands has a fighting chance. As noble of a statement that may be, it didn't help him defeat The Monster Among Men. However, it did earn him some notoriety with the fans.

Ellsworth became a social media sensation and before long, WWE signed him to a permanent contract. Around six weeks after his showdown with Strowman, Ellsworth appeared on SmackDown Live and became embroiled in an angle with Dean Ambrose and WWE Champion AJ Styles. Once that storyline reached its natural end, WWE paired Ellsworth up with Carmella, and that's where he remained on the card until Miss Money In The Bank super kicked him last week.


Well, clearly that superkick not only marked the end of Ellsworth and Carmella's on-screen relationship, but it also started the wheels in motion for his time with WWE to come to an end. On Wednesday, WWE announced via their website that they released James Ellsworth and wished him well in his future endeavors. As entertaining as he was for a time in WWE, it appears the company has officially run out of uses for him now that his angle with the women's division has come to a close.

Ellsworth was absent from SmackDown Live on Tuesday night, but he didn't completely disappear after being dumped by Carmella. In the nights that followed, while still on the European tour, The Princess of Staten Island, along with the rest of the blue brand's women, ganged up on Ellsworth and took it in turns to perform various moves on the now ex Superstar.


James Ellsworth was a wrestler on the independent circuit before he competed in WWE, and chances are he will return to that life now that he has been released. The only difference now is that he's a much bigger star than he was before thanks to WWE. Ellsworth will have no problem getting bookings as he heads back out there into the ever-growing world of the indies, and it'll be interesting to see where his career takes him next.

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