Is WWE Raw Teasing a Shield Reunion?

Is WWE Raw teasing a Shield reunion? It sure seems that way, based on several events that took place during Monday night's episode. To kick off the night, former Shield member - and recent conqueror of John Cena - Roman Reigns sat down with The Miz for a contentious Miz TV interview segment. Reigns took Miz to task for being a coward, saying that the only reason Miz maintains his grip on the Intercontinental Championship is the help he gets from Miztourage sidekicks Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

Never one to not have a response to an insult, Miz pointed out that Reigns was being hypocritical, as Reigns had initially made his name in the WWE as part of the Shield. For those who may be recent converts to WWE fandom, The Shield debuted at Survivor Series 2012, and was comprised of Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. All three men were fresh out of WWE's developmental territory NXT, and wasted no time in immediately establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

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As a trio, the Shield were nearly unstoppable, rarely losing as a united team. The members of The Shield also enjoyed success separately during their run as a faction, with Ambrose holding onto the U.S. Championship for an extended period, and Rollins and Reigns becoming tag team champions. For nearly two years, the Shield dominated the WWE, destroying the likes of John Cena, the Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, and even Vince McMahon along the way. That is until Rollins turned on his partners in mid-2014, choosing to side with WWE executive Triple H.

The Shield has never reunited fully for a tag team match since then, although Ambrose and Rollins have recently mended fences, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships. History lesson aside, Miz not only chastised Reigns for riding on the coattails of the Shield, he also insisted that if the Miztourage had existed back in 2012, they would have taken the Shield out easily. Reigns laughed this off, and insisted that the former Shield members were all happy doing their own things.

That said, when the prospect of the Shield reuniting to face the Miztourage was brought up, the crowd exploded, with Reigns remarking that the potential match would be a easy victory for his team. Couple that with Miz and company brutally beating down Reigns later that night, and it seems clear that the "Big Dog" is in need of some back-up going forward. WWE rarely teases things that blatantly if they don't plan on delivering on them sooner or later. In other words, don't be shocked to see the Shield once again dominating the WWE before the end of 2017.

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