WWE Raw: The Shield Brings Back Old Gear And Entrance Before TLC 2017

Fans that tuned into the first segment of Raw were treated to a healthy dose of nostalgia with the Shield's old school look and entrance this week. Last week on Raw, we witnessed a little bit of history being made. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose finally let bygones be bygones and reunited The Shield. The Hounds of Justice wasted no time in getting to work either. Shortly after announcing to the world that they are back, they were taking care of business in the ring, laying out The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Curtis Axel. Then later in the night, they turned their attention to Braun Strowman.

This Sunday at TLC, The Shield will take on four of the five men that they wronged, but before they made it to the pay-per-view, there was the not so small matter of the go home Raw this past Monday. The Big Dog found himself inside a steel cage with The Monster Among Men while Rollins and Ambrose had to defend their Tag Team Championships against The Bar. Just like last week though, The Shield kicked things off with a bang.


Last Monday, the way The Shield made their way to the ring wasn't exactly familiar. All three men were still wearing the gear from their singles runs and walked down the entrance way. This week, we got the extra dose of nostalgia we were all hoping for. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was in the middle of making an announcement when the phonetic spelling of the Shield echoed around the arena and The Hounds made their way through the crowd.

That wasn't all either. Despite having new Shield t-shirts made up last week, Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose also returned to their old, all black, body armor style ring gear and even rocked the wet hair. Upon arrival in the ring, The Big Dog got a little carried away and even threatened the GM. Rollins stepped in to cool things down, and then the trio declared that they were ready for whatever their upcoming opponents had to throw at them. Out came the foursome and it was then Angle's turn to step in. The GM warned the respective teams that if they clashed there and then, their matches later in the evening would be canceled.


There really is very little WWE can do wrong when it comes to a Shield reunion. Plus, they have been teasing it for so long that now it's happening, the WWE Universe can barely contain themselves. Even bringing them back as heels wouldn't have stopped the fans from cheering them. What's more, the fans are even cheering Roman Reigns, but Vince McMahon will be that continues past the nostalgia run.

The timing of this reunion is no coincidence. WWE is pushing forward at the moment without Brock Lesnar or John Cena. They needed a big act on Raw to get eyes on the product and they've got that in The Shield. As mentioned above though, there is a bigger picture, and that's the overall opinion of Roman Reigns in the eyes of the fans. WWE likely care very little about The Shield as a whole in comparison to how important The Guy is to them and come WrestleMania season their focus will return to him and him alone.


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