WWE Raw: Watch Paul Heyman's Hilarious Reaction To Fan's Proposal During His Promo

During this week's WWE Raw, a fan in the crowd proposed to his girlfriend, while Paul Heyman was trying to cut a promo. He wasn't happy. Arguably one of the greatest talkers in wrestling history, Heyman has long-served as the advocate for top WWE star - and former UFC champion - Brock Lesnar. The two men are real life friends, as Heyman served as a mentor to Lesnar in his early years in WWE. Ever since Lesnar returned to WWE after an eight-year absence in 2012, Heyman has dutifully stood by his side, functioning as the hype man for Lesnar's battles.

Heyman's gift of gab has served him well throughout his entire storied career in professional wrestling. While Heyman will probably always be best known for creating and running outlaw promotion ECW from 1993 to 2001, Heyman has also managed multiple name talents, including CM Punk, Steve Austin, and Rick Rude. Heyman also memorably served as a color commentator in both the WWE and WCW.

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As per usual, Heyman came out to the ring with Lesnar on Raw in order to deliver the final sell for "The Beast's" big match at Survivor Series this coming Sunday night. Universal champion Lesnar was previously set to take on SmackDown's WWE champion Jinder Mahal in the main event of Survivor Series, but with Mahal dropping the belt to AJ Styles last week, Lesnar will now face Styles in a dream match of power vs. speed.

However, during Heyman's promo, something odd happened. All of a sudden the live crowd started chanting "She Said Yes" in unison, causing Lesnar to laugh and Heyman to look briefly stunned. As announcer Corey Graves explained to the home audience, a fan in attendance had just asked his significant other to marry him, and she had said yes. Being the quick witted performer he is though, Heyman recovered fast from the interruption, stomping all over the proposal by saying "she only said yes because she's never been up close to a beast like Brock Lesnar", and also reminding the fan of the dangers of interrupting a man as skilled on the mic as Lesnar is in the ring.

In another environment, that may have well ruined the happy couple's night. In this case though, since the couple was attending a WWE show - and the groom-to-be chose that venue to propose - one assumes they probably got a huge kick out of Paul Heyman making them part of the show, albeit briefly. In fact, the above clip may be worth putting in their wedding video.

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