WWE Raw: Paige Returns With Debuting NXT Names

Two-time WWE divas champion Paige returned in grand fashion on Monday's WWE Raw, and she brought two NXT competitors with her. It's been a long layoff for the young British superstar, as she's been missing from WWE programming since summer 2016. When WWE did the brand extension draft last July, Paige was drafted to Raw, but has never actually appeared on the show until now. Paige's initial disappearance turned out to be due to violating the WWE's wellness policy, which incurs a 30-day suspension for first time offenders.

In September of last year, Paige announced that she would be undergoing neck surgery as a result of injuries she had suffered. That surgery successfully occurred the following month, but what also occurred was Paige's second wellness suspension, this time for 60 days. In the time since, Paige began a real-life relationship with volatile former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio - a much older man, and one married at the time - and has been rocked by some personal issues both involving and not involving said relationship.

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With her and Del Rio now reportedly broken up, Paige made her big return to Raw, and proceeded to remind fans of just how big a deal that she used to be within the WWE's women's division. Paige's surprise appearance took place during a fatal 4-way match between Bayley, Mickie James, Alicia Fox, and Sasha Banks, which was set to determine the next challenger to Raw women's champion Alexa Bliss' title.

The match didn't get too far in before Paige showed up, announcing that she was back, but hadn't come alone. Joining Paige on Raw were NXT female competitors Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Rose's most recent NXT TV appearance was a September loss to now NXT women's champion Ember Moon. Deville last appeared on the October 18 episode of NXT, also losing to Moon. The trio beat down Bayley, James, and Banks, with Fox escaping. Backstage, Bliss tried to get on Paige's good side, only to get beat down as well.

With no winner of the match, one wonders if Paige will end up the next to challenge Bliss for her title. There isn't a Raw brand PPV currently scheduled for December, so if the match takes place, it might not happen until January's Royal Rumble event. With these new arrivals, one also wonders if WWE might finally pull the trigger on doing a Royal Rumble match for the women's division too, which has been oft-requested by fans as of late.

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