WWE Raw: A New Intercontinental Champion Crowned

After his latest lengthy reign, The Miz finally lost the WWE intercontinental championship on Monday's WWE Raw. Here's who captured the gold. In the current WWE era, there are few competitors more decorated than The Miz. He's main evented WrestleMania, he's held the WWE championship, he's successfully cashed in the Money in the Bank contract, and he's also a two-time U.S. champion and six-time tag team champion to boot.

Despite all those accolades though, The Miz has become most closely associated with the intercontinental championship, which he's held seven times. That's just two below the all-time record for most reigns with the IC title, held by Chris Jericho. The Miz has also held the title for more than 500 combined days over his seven reigns, the third highest combined total in history, behind only Hall of Famers and legends Pedro Morales and Don Muraco. That's a hell of an accomplishment.

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Unfortunately for Miz, he has a habit of talking his way into situations that he can't escape from. This was the case on Raw, as Miz hosted Miz TV with scheduled guest Roman Reigns. Reigns didn't come alone though, bringing along Shield teammates Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. As usual, Miz made the mistake of antagonizing the group, demanding credit for in some ways inspiring The Shield to reunite to begin with. Instead of that credit, Miz was challenged to defend his title against Reigns in the main event. The match was later made by GM Kurt Angle.

While Miz tried his best to overcome Reigns' challenge - a feat he's accomplished before - "The Big Dog" would not be denied. Not even Miz's buddies Cesaro and Sheamus interfering was enough to get Miz the victory, and one assumes that "The Bar" will soon find themselves defending the tag team titles against Ambrose and Rollins once again. With a powerful spear, Reigns captured his first intercontinental championship, adding it to his large list of titles and trophies.

That said, it wouldn't be surprising to see Miz demand his title rematch against Reigns next week, and he'll likely come prepared with a plan to regain what was his. Luckily for Reigns, his Shield brothers will also surely be around to try and counteract whatever dastardly scheme that the self-proclaimed A-lister can invent. For now though, Reigns can feel free to enjoy his triumph.

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