WWE Raw: [SPOILER] Crowned New Cruiserweight Champion

After years of using his charisma and catchphrases to establish Enzo Amore as a crowd favorite, WWE made the move recently to turn the fast-talking New Jerseyan heel. This turn to the dark side of wrestling's moral fence directly coincided with Enzo capturing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship from the formerly dominant "King of the Cruiserweights," Neville. Enzo employed a low blow en route to winning the gold, leading the rest of the cruiserweight competitors to deem him unworthy of representing the division.

Allowing the already brash Enzo to fully embrace his inner jerk ended up being a good decision though, as his reign as champion has gotten more attention on the cruiserweights than ever before, and sparked additional interest in the WWE Network's cruiserweight-exclusive show 205 Live. Over the last few weeks, Enzo has done nothing to ingratiate himself to his colleagues, repeatedly insulting them, and reminding them that it was he who finally put the division on the map.

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Last week, Raw GM Kurt Angle took it upon himself to bring in a new challenger for Enzo's gold, the high-flying Kalisto. Many WWE fans had long wondered why Kalisto wasn't included in the division to begin with, as his crowd-pleasing style fits right in with the rest of the cruiserweight roster. Angle wasted no time in booking Enzo in a title match against Kalisto at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view, which angered Enzo enough that he got in Angle's face about it on this week's Raw episode.

Not one to be pushed around, Angle responded to Enzo's scolding with the announcement that Enzo would no longer defend the cruiserweight title against Kalisto at TLC. Instead, the title match would take place in that very ring, tonight! Ever the mover and shaker, Enzo insisted that the title defense be the main event of Raw. Angle readily agreed, along with adding one more additional stipulation: the rest of the cruiserweight division would surround the ring as lumberjacks.

Enzo tried his best to retain his golden meal ticket, but as usual, Enzo's own ego cost him in the end. At one point during the match, Enzo took a cheap shot at lumberjack Mustafa Ali. Understandably upset by this, Ali responded in kind later, preventing Enzo from getting a pinfall on Kalisto. Enzo was irate, but he shouldn't have taken his eye off the ball, as Kalisto was able to quickly finish off Enzo and end his reign as champion. One now presumes that Enzo will get his rematch for the title at TLC, so it may not be too long before he's back on top. At least for now though, the rest of the division is free to revel in his defeat.

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