WWE Raw: Was Kane Added To Miz Vs Shield Match To Avenge Undertaker?

Kane has been added to Team Miz to take on The Shield At TLC 2017, and it might be because he needs to avenge Undertaker. Last week on Raw, General Manager Kurt Angle announced a blockbuster main event for the upcoming TLC pay-per-view. A three on three Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match between the newly reformed Shield and The Miz along with Sheamus and Cesaro. Later that same evening, however, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose's antics involving an attack on a rampaging Braun Strowman resulted in The Monster Among Men being added to Team Miz at TLC.

Naturally, on this week's edition of Raw, there was not only some fallout from last week's attacks, but also a lot more build going into the multi-person main event at TLC. In fact, Miz's attempts to get a fifth person added to his team resulted in Kurt Angle intervening. Later that evening, Strowman would be facing Roman inside a steel cage. If Strowman won, his team could have a fifth member on Sunday, but if he lost, he'd be removed from the match altogether.

Most assumed that the potential fifth member was going to be Curtis Axel, but he was attacked backstage and The Miz revealed that The Axeman was never going to be the fifth guy. When The Awesome One joined the announce team for the main event cage match suspicions grew even higher, especially since Miz refused to reveal who the potential fifth man was. Then, following The Bar and the rest of The Shield bringing chaos down to ringside before fighting their way backstage, the mystery man revealed himself.


The Miz's secret weapon was a returning Kane. Just as Reigns looked to have the match inside the steel tied up, the lights went down and the eerily familiar music began to play. The Big Red Machine didn't come down the entrance way though, that's not his style. As he has done so many times during his career, Kane burst through the ring. That meant that he could aid Strowman in getting the win and seal his place on Team Miz this Sunday, something The Awesome One confirmed once the match was over.

At first, fans may have been left scratching their heads as to why exactly Kane is siding with The Miz and randomly helping him take out The Big Dog. Well, there is an explanation here if WWE chooses to use it in the coming weeks. Let's not forget that Kane is the on-screen brother of The Undertaker. Since The Deadman is presumably retired, and it was Reigns who ended his career, his demonic half-brother may have returned to the ring to get revenge on behalf of The Phenom. It wouldn't be the first time that Kane has done such a thing either. In fact, whenever the veteran returns it's almost always for one of two things, to either help or hinder his brother. One of his last returns was in order to help Taker take down The Wyatt Family in what was seemingly the last ride for The Brothers of Destruction. Though this is just a theory, it's really the only option that makes sense from a storyline perspective.

While the ending to this week's Raw was unexpected, the build to this handicap TLC match over the last two weeks reeks of something WWE is making up at the last minute and making switches for the sake of it. A three on three match to usher in the new era of The Shield would have been fine, four on three was a bit of a stretch, and now we find ourselves staring down the barrel of a five on three bout. Somebody is likely to come out of TLC looking weak, and you can rest assured that it won't be Roman Reigns. Regardless, it's always fun to have a living legend return, hopefully, WWE can make sense of it from a storyline perspective.


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