SNL's Michael Che & Colin Jost to Appear on WWE Raw

Michael Che and Colin Jost will appear on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw. Since 2014, the comedians have co-anchored SNL's Weekend Update segment.

Colin Jost and Michael Che hosting Weekend Update on SNL

Michael Che and Colin Jost will appear on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw. Since 2014, the comedians have co-anchored Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment.

Born and raised in New York, Jost graduated from Harvard University and was hired by SNL at age 22. Since 2005, he’s been a writer for the famous sketch comedy series, using a deadpan comedic approach during his Weekend Update bits. Aside from gaining fame for his television and stand-up comedy work, Jost has also become a recognizable figure in pop culture for dating actress Scarlett Johansson. As for Che, he became SNL's first African-American Weekend Update anchor after replacing Cecily Strong in 2014. In the past decade, Che has been a regular on the stand-up comedy circuit and joined SNL as a writer in 2013. Last December, Jost and Che were named SNL's co-head writers, and they co-hosted the Emmy Awards together the following year. 

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Per the WWE, Che and Jost will be special guests on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw. The event will take place in Philadelphia, though it’s unclear how the SNL hosts will be integrated. On the official WWE website, the wrestling organization teased tonight’s episode with the statement, “With neither Che or Jost afraid to tell it like it is, what will the two popular personalities have in store for the longest running episodic program in television history?” Given Che and Jost’s willingness to address politically charged issues on NBC, it seems they may be used as comedic relief for current WWE storylines. With Che and Jost, though, anything is possible. Check out the WWE's announcement below.

Last year, Che and Jost made headlines when they quoted President Donald Trump’s use of "S-Hole" in reference to Haiti and impoverished African nations. The duo began their SNL Weekend Update segment by stating that NBC requested a censored version of the word in question, but the anchors ultimately took an uncensored approach. While this may have been shocking to some, the moment aligned with the behavior of past anchors who used the platform to provoke. In 1998, former SNL Weekend Update anchor Norm MacDonald was fired after cursing during a live broadcast, but the comedian later claimed that he was actually let go for making jokes about O.J. Simpson, a close friend of NBC president Don Ohlmeyer. In the past, Jost has named MacDonald as one of his comedic influences, and SNL's current Weekend Update co-anchor was criticized last August for saying that “good, fun things” should win awards rather than “good artsy things.”  

Both Che and Jost know how to connect with an audience. Most importantly, however, they know how to provoke. So, tonight’s WWE Raw should be fully entertaining.

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