Watch: Cesaro Possibly Injures Leg Due to Nasty Landing on WWE Raw

During a match on WWE Raw, Cesaro looks to have possibly injured his leg, after Ricochet hit his aerial finisher The 630 directly on the Swiss Superman's knee. First gaining fame on the independent wrestling scene under his birth name Claudio Castagnoli, Cesaro made his WWE debut in 2012, first competing as Antonio Cesaro. As WWE often does, for one reason or another, the company eventually shortened his moniker to simply Cesaro. Cesaro is a former United States Champion, and the inaugural winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but in recent years, he's reinvented himself as a tag team specialist.

Despite his Swiss heritage, Cesaro spent awhile teaming with Jack Swagger as The Real Americans, before eventually holding tag team gold with Hart family member Tyson Kidd. Unfortunately, a freak injury to Kidd's neck while taking Samoa Joe's Muscle Buster finisher ended that team, and Kidd's career. Cesaro eventually found his true tag team soulmate in Sheamus, with the pair dominating the tag team ranks as The Bar since 2016.

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Sheamus has been absent from WWE programming since shortly after WrestleMania in April, reportedly due to suffering a concussion, although WWE has yet to officially explain his absence. In the meantime, Cesaro was sent to Raw in the annual Superstar Shakeup event, and has been competing in the singles ranks. On Monday's episode of Raw though, Cesaro found himself back in tag team action, aligning with Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley to take on the team of Ricochet, Braun Strowman, and The Miz. The match was proceeding at a breakneck pace, at least until the end, when Ricochet hit his 630 finisher on Cesaro to score the pin. The move landed awkwardly, straight down on Cesaro's knee, and he looks to be in pain afterward. Check it out in the GIF below, via Twitter user Klondike Bill.

Additionally, Cesaro was visibly limping after the match, and was leaning on referees as he was led backstage. It's unclear if Cesaro sustained a serious injury, or was just selling the impact of Ricochet's finisher on his leg after the nasty landing. WWE has yet to provide any kind of medical update on Cesaro, but for what it's worth, Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin tweeted that a source within WWE told him Cesaro isn't seriously hurt.

While one certainly hopes Satin's source is correct, until if and when Cesaro himself or WWE confirms that he's okay, fans will continue to wonder. Cesaro is widely considered one of the greatest performers in professional wrestling today, despite never really getting a run at the top of the card. It would be quite a shame to see him to take another extended break due to injury.

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Sources: Klondike Bill/Twitter, Ryan Satin/Twitter