WWE Raw: Braun Strowman Slams Kane Through The Ring

Braun Strowman came into this week's WWE Raw in a foul mood, demanding a match against fellow monster Kane, and later slamming him through the ring. Not that Strowman is ever really in a friendly mood, but he's been extra angry since getting stuffed inside a garbage truck by his own teammates and presumably compacted to death at WWE's recent TLC pay-per-view. In WWE's grand tradition of fatal looking incidents that don't turn out to actually be fatal though, Strowman returned to Raw two weeks ago, amusingly emerging from inside that same truck.

Shortly after his return, Strowman was quickly named to Raw's Survivor Series team by GM Kurt Angle, because when a man can survive a garbage compactor, it's best to be on his side. In exchange for joining up, Strowman demanded a match against The Miz, one of the heels that threw him into the truck. Strowman predictably destroyed Miz, and this week, demanded a match against Kane, another of the people who tried to take him out with the trash.

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This was the first singles match ever between the two behemoths, as the "Monster Among Men" went toe to toe with the "Big Red Machine." Strowman dominated most of the encounter, with Kane uncharacteristically backing away to try and get a breather on several occasions. At one point, Strowman attempted to superplex Kane to the outside through a table, but Kane was able to block. He was not, however, able to stop Strowman from running powerslamming him through the ring itself.

It's unclear at this juncture what became of Strowman and Kane, or what condition the gigantic, ring-busting slam left them in. Raw ended on a shot of the huge hole that the two monsters collectively made in the ring, but beyond that, neither was seen. The Raw announce team has often liked to say that Kane enjoys chokeslamming people to hell, but in this case, it seems like Strowman opened up a gateway to said realm.

With Strowman headed into the big Raw vs. SmackDown elimination match at Survivor Series, one wonders what type of state he'll be in after taking Kane for such a momentous ride. Then again, this is Braun Strowman, so he'll probably show up ready to kick ass like always, while displaying no ill effects from his trip through the ring.

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