15 WWE Pairs Who Can't Stand Each Other In Real Life

In the world of professional wrestling, it's the rivalries that put backsides on seats and compel millions of fans around the world to cough up hard-earned cash for pay-per-view content.

There's nothing quite like seeing two spandex-clad giants with more special moves than the roster of Steet Fighter II settling their differences inside the ring.

Superhuman displays of athleticism and showmanship are all well and good, but without the backstories to add context to these showdowns, WWE wouldn't be the global powerhouse it is today.

The wrestling brand has always done a great job ensuring that its biggest events double as TV dramas.

By fleshing out the lives of its athletes outside of the ring, establishing why a pair of soon-to-be opponents hate one another, and selling that to the fans, WWE adds emotional stakes to its matches and the crowd can't get enough of that.

Sometimes, however, the wrestlers do the legwork for them by forging their own, real-life rivalries.

These are often more deadly than anything that the Wrestlemania scriptwriters could possibly dream up, and in an age of podcasts and social media, the fans have ways and means of following the behind-the-scenes vitriol.

So, here are the 15 WWE Pairs Who Can't Stand Each Other In Real Life.

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15 Dean Ambrose And Brock Lesnar

Dean Ambrose enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity when he graduated from the independent circuit to the big leagues of WWE, and within five years, he had established himself as one of its biggest stars.

The Lunatic Fringe's growing reputation scored him a no-disqualification match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32, but the pair clashed long before they met in the ring.

Ambrose's version of events is that Lesnar had fixed ideas about how their showdown should play out, and refused to listen to other suggestions.

This angered Ambrose and he let his feelings be known during a 2016 appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast, something that WWE chastised him for because dissing the Beast wasn't supposed to be part of the script.

14 JBL And The Blue Meanie

JBL and Blue Meanie in the Ring

These days, The Blue Meanie and JBL are Twitter buddies but their real-life rivalry was as ugly as they come once upon a time.

It all started during the 2005 One Night Stand PPV event, which threw old-school ECW stars into the mix with their WWE contemporaries. The showcase culminated in a no-holds-barred brawl between the two sides.

When this chaotic mess of wrestlers separated, the crowd was shocked to see Meanie with a beaten face, the result of a targeted attack from JBL.

Apparently, JBL's animosity towards Meanie stemmed from the time that they had previously spent together on the WWE circuit. 

Meanie went public with allegations of backstage bullying against his rival -- and has since elaborated on them via the Talk is Jericho podcast -- and JBL responded by handing out an almighty pummelling in the ring, although by all accounts, Meanie gave as good as he got.

13 Lana And Paige

Lana and Paige WWE

Lana has a reputation for rubbing her fellow wrestlers the wrong way, and as a result, has made more enemies than friends since her WWE debut in 2013.

One of her earliest and bitterest rivalries was with former Divas champion Paige, a spat that spiralled beyond the confines of the ring.

A war of words broke out between the pair on social media, where both parties accused the other of bullying.

Paige claimed that the entire spat was all part of Lana's desperate bid to "get a storyline," but later backtracked on this particular allegation by deleting the post, perhaps at the request of unimpressed WWE bosses.

Lane has also been involved in feuds with Summer Rae and Sasha Banks away from the canvas, seemingly having learned nothing from her public rows with Paige.

12 Randy Orton And Kevin Owens

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens WWE

The real reason behind Randy Orton and Kevin Owens's apparent mutual hatred of each other is anybody's guess, but the duo are unlikely to sort out their differences anytime soon. Orton has a pop at Owens over his weight at every opportunity, and his rival always returns fire.

Their Twitter spats are usually hilarious, yet there's underlying venom behind them.

At one point, Orton accused Owens of attending a WWE fan's wedding for the sole purpose of raiding the desserts cart. In response, the former Universal Champion brought up his nemesis' vaping habits.

The Prizefighter, at least, learned a lesson from the flame war, later telling his followers: "Don’t tweet in haste. You might come up with something better than what you originally settled for just minutes later but the effect... it just won’t be the same. Goodnight."

11 Edge and Matt Hardy

Edge and Matt Hardy WWE

The love triangle between Edge, Matt Hardy, and Lita is one of the most personal real-life controversies wrestling fans have ever witnessed, but that didn't stop WWE from working it into its events.

The pair were friends while working the tag team circuit together in the early 2000s, though things turned sour when Edge and Lita began an affair while Hardy was out injured.

Hardy outed Edge and Lita's extracurricular activities in a series of internet rants.

Although he was the one who had been stabbed in the back, WWE felt that they had to cut him loose, as they viewed Edge as a more marketable wrestler. T

his proved an unpopular decision among the fans and arenas were filled with chants of anger every time Edge or Lita appeared.

However, Edge's stock as a villain increased tenfold, and he built the rest of his career around this.

10 Ryback And CM Punk

Ryback and CM Punk WWE

CM Punk and Ryback have each made their fair share of enemies during their respective careers, and they found themselves on a collision course with each other thanks to Paul Heyman. The self-proclaimed Advocate took Ryback under his wing to use as a pawn in his feud with CM Punk.

Ryback failed to flourish under Heyman's guidance and his rivalry with CM Punk ended up being shortlived, but that didn't stop the mixed martial artist from blasting the Big Guy shortly after his WWE departure.

During an episode of Colt Cabana’s podcast, CM Punk admitted that he hated sharing the ring with Ryback because he was a "stiff" fighter and a liability in the ring.

Speaking on Buzzards Wrestling Podcast, Ryback in turn admitted that he didn't get much enjoyment out of sharing the canvass with CM Punk either.

9 Aj Lee and The Bellas

AJ Lee and The Bella Twins WWE

AJ Lee and The Bella Twins were involved in a heated rivalry from the moment their paths crossed in WWE. What started out as an in-ring war spilled over the top ropes and into the real world as their exchanges grew more personal and caustic.

It was Lee who landed the lowest blow when she claimed that wrestling talent isn't “transmitted” in the bedroom -- a reference to the Bella sisters' relationships with John Cena and Daniel Bryan -- during a particularly trashy bout of trash talking.

Many of Lee's fans took this as a cue to hit the twins with similarly cheap insults on social media.

Nikki later referred to Lee as a "bully," though the bitterness has cooled since Lee called time on her WWE career.

8 Alberto Del Rio And Sin Cara

Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio WWE

Long before they grappled on the WWE canvas, Sin Cara and the original Alberto Del Rio were rivals in Mexico's CMLL, and their relationship in real life was corroded by backstage politics.

There are countless reports of dressing-room bust-ups between the pair on both sides of the boarder.

Things turned ugly during a 2012 edition of Monday Night Raw when Del Rio attempted to remove Sin Cara’s mask in the ring, something that is considered a huge insult in their home nation.

He claimed that the whole thing was an accident, but it wasn't exactly an isolated incident.

Although the pair set their differences aside in 2015 to team up for Mexico’s AAA promotion, it wasn't long before they fell out again and fresh insults were hurled back and forth on social media.

7 Randy Orton And Mr. Kennedy

Randy Orton and Mr Kennedy WWE

Randy Orton has had beef with a number of wrestlers over the years, but a special place on his list of enemies is reserved for Mr. Kennedy. The full extent of their rivalry came to light around one year after the latter's WWE exit when Kennedy claimed the Apex Predator played a role in his dismissal.

Orton is said to have approached the WWE management and lobbied for Kennedy's dismissal after his rival hit him with a "stiff suplex" which sent him to the canvas head-first. Reports, including this one by Pro Wrestling Stories, suggest John Cena echoed Orton's sentiments and put pressure on Vince McMahon to swing the axe.

Following his dismissal, Kennedy went on to enjoy a successful career with TNA, but that hasn't stopped him from flaming Orton on occasion.

6 Alberto El Patron And Triple H

Alberto Del Rio and Triple H never saw eye to eye during the former's WWE career, but things really hit the fan when Del Rio began dating Paige.

The Mexican wrestler claims that WWE disapproved of their relationship and attempted to split them up. At the time, he was convinced that Triple H was the one pushing hardest to drive a wedge between them, and he left WWE with bad blood boiling between them.

In the years after his departure, Del Rio wasted no opportunity to sling a scathing insult in Triple H's direction.

However, things have cooled off as of late, with the two-time United States Championship now blaming the entire thing on Paige and his "bad relationship" with her.

As reported by Wrestling Inc, he claims to have apologized to Triple H, though a WWE return does not appear to be on the cards anytime soon.

5 Simon Gotch And Enzo Amore

Simon Gotch and Enzo Amore WWE

Enzo Amore has taken a lot of flack backstage and his one-time opponent Simon Gotch weighed in on the matter of why that is shortly after leaving WWE. During an interview, with RF Video, Gotch paid his former rival the most backhanded compliment he could come up with.

“I will say, to his credit, he believes his own bulls**t," he stated. "He is 100% confident in himself to his detriment and the detriment of others around him. He’s an example of someone who has no excuse to not know wrestling, but he doesn’t know wrestling.”

The pair were never on the best of terms while their WWE careers overlapped, and that dates back to a Payback tag-team contest between the Vaudevillians and Enzo and Cass, during which Amore suffered a very real concussion.

4 Summer Rae And Lana

Summer Rae and Lana WWE

Summer Rae and Lana's mutual distaste for one another is a rivalry that was borne in the WWE writers' room before spilling over into real life.

It just goes to show, if you play a part for long enough, the lines between fantasy and reality can become blurred.

When Lana's on-screen relationship with Rusev came to an end, Rae was brought in as his new squeeze and the pair frequently collided after that. Clashing in front of the cameras is one thing, but this soon became a back-and-forth war of words on social media, and two years later it was still going on.

Not only have the pair been known to bicker on Twitter, they have also resorted to liking negative fan tweets about one another on occasion.

3 Roman Reigns And Enzo Amore

Roman Reigns and Enzo Amore WWE

Enzo Amore has one of the biggest mouths in WWE. It's great for trash talking and firing up the audience, but it also has a tendency to rub some of his fellow athletes the wrong way, like Roman Reigns during last year's infamous tour bus incident.

As reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Reigns grew tired of Amore's antics while they were traveling together and kicked him off the WWE tour bus.

Although Reigns is the one who did the kicking, the rest of the locker room were very much in agreement that it needed to be done.

The idea was to send a message to Amore about his dressing room etiquette, which is said to have been dismal for sometime. By all accounts, though, he hasn't changed one bit since.

2 Scott Steiner And Hulk Hogan

Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan WCW

Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan were once allies in WCW, but the former has made no bones about his hatred for the veteran wrestling legend in recent years, and not just because he made Mr. Nanny.

Steiner blames Hogan for the demise of WCW and the animosity between the two reached critical mass in 2015 when the Hulkster accused his former buddy of threatening to end his life.

According to TMZHogan filed a police report after his wife Jennifer claimed to have been accosted by Steiner at an airport in San Jose, so he could inform her of his plans to take out her husband.

Although Steinar downplayed the incident, cops investigated him for "felony terrorist threats."

Little else came of the matter, though Hogan did use it to have Steinar banned from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony.

1 Sasha Banks And Alexa Bliss

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are two of the biggest stars in women's wrestling right now and their rivalry is one of the all-time greats. It dates back to their formative NTX years and heated up to incendiary levels when Banks left Bliss beaten in several of their matches.

So convincing is their rivalry, in fact, that many have wondered whether their mutual disrespect has rubbed off on them in real life, and there are signs that it has. Most tellingly, Banks launched a scathing attack on her rival during an edition of Raw Talk.

“She came in so fake with her fake little stories, her fake little, oh I love Matt Hardy. You can’t even tell the difference between Jeff and Matt, you idiot,” she said.

Sure, she was in character at the time, but even the most seasoned Hollywood actress would struggle to convey that kind of hate on command.


Can you think of any other WWE stars who can't stand each other in real life? Sound off in the comments!

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