Paige’s WWE Teammates: Who Are Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

Paige has finally returned to WWE and she brought back up— Sonya Deville And Mandy Rose. Paige has been training for a comeback for a while now and for pretty much every single WWE show the last couple of weeks there have been rumors that she would be making her return. Well, on Monday night those rumors finally came to fruition. The two-time Divas' Champion interrupted a Raw Women's Championship number one contenders match shocking the fans and the ladies competing in the ring. She didn't come back just to talk though.

The British star gave a short speech then just as it seemed she was all done and was going to let the match go on, she dropped a bombshell. She declared that she had not come to Raw alone before slowly making her way to the ring. Who exactly did Paige bring with her though? That soon became clear. With everyone's attention on the entranceway, Paige's new friends emerged from the crowd and blindsided the women in the ring.


The names of the latest additions to the Raw roster are Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Casual fans of WWE might not be familiar with the new pair but they have actually been employees of the company for around two years now. Both women have been a part of NXT and the brand's budding women's division. While neither of them had the spotlight focused on them down at Full Sail, both have been honing their craft in WWE's developmental system.

Rose and Deville's history together goes even further back than NXT however. Both women were first introduced to the WWE Universe as contestants on the 2015 season of WWE's reality show Tough Enough. Sonya finished 11th and Mandy was the runner-up. Even though neither woman won the series clearly WWE saw value in them both. The Tough Enough link would explain their allegiance with Paige too. The Norwich native was a judge while the two of them were contestants on the show.

Before professional wrestling, the two newbies had very different career paths. Deville was involved in the world of mixed martial arts prior to WWE as has been reflected in her character since signing to NXT. Rose, on the other hand, is cut from a very different cloth. The blonde bombshell was previously a fitness competitor, winning bodybuilding and bikini competitions. Now their paths have crossed and along with Paige, the three of them look like they may make for quite a formidable team.

Just as it looked like the Raw women's division was all set to keep moving in the same direction it has been for a while, Paige and her new cronies arrived and gave the show's women's division on notice. First, they attacked Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James then shifted their attention to Alexa Bliss backstage. Clearly, no one is safe and what WWE has planned for the three of them will be very interesting indeed.


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