WWE No Mercy: Cesaro Tooth Injury Update


WWE No Mercy has come and gone, and for the most part, the pay-per-view was a great success. Roman Reigns defeated John Cena in what may have been match of the night, plus Brock Lesnar managed to stave off The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman in order to retain his Universal Championship. The rest of the card contributed to the overall success of the evening also though, and one particular talking point was an incident that occurred during the Raw Tag Team Championship match.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus and Cesaro and remain Tag Team Champions in what was a pretty awesome match involving the four men, but that alone isn't what made their bout newsworthy. No, it was the injury suffered by The Swiss Superman that not only had fans talking, but also wincing as WWE played it back in slow motion. Ambrose tossed Cesaro into the ring post, and the European Superstar collided with it teeth first. Despite the blood and the obvious pain Cesaro was in, he actually managed to carry on and finish the match.


At first glance, it looked as if Cesaro knocked out a couple of teeth in the collision and hurt his lip pretty badly in the process. Well, it turns out the former United States Champion didn't knock his front teeth out, but rather knocked them a little further in. WWE provided a medical update on Cesaro on Monday afternoon and revealed that he actually managed to push his teeth three to four millimeters into his upper jaw. That's some nasty stuff.


Needless to say,  Cesaro will not likely be on Raw this week, and WWE went on to update that the next step will be for him to visit a maxillofacial surgeon. Their most likely course of action will be to remove the teeth and then go about providing Cesaro with some new implants, all of which will likely take place on Tuesday. As well as the injury to his teeth, Cesaro also had to receive some stitches in his lip following the match.

This isn't the first time this year that a match involving Sheamus and Cesaro resulted in a WWE Superstar needing dental work. A few months ago at WWE Payback, Cesaro's Irish counterpart landed a kick to the jaw of Jeff Hardy a little too sweetly, sending one of the veteran's teeth flying from his mouth. Cesaro's predicament is substantially worse than Hardy's though, and The Swiss Superstar has no one to blame but himself, unlike Hardy.

Despite the predetermined nature of professional wrestling, this is a stark reminder that anything can go wrong at any time in the ring. Cesaro misjudged a move that he has likely taken hundreds of times and wound up with a pretty painful injury and requiring extensive dental surgery. A man like Cesaro will likely wear it as a badge of honor, however, and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he returns to the ring soon.


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