WWE's Kane Wins Mayoral Election in Knox County, TN

Long-tenured WWE veteran Kane - or rather his real life identity Glenn Jacobs - has won the election for mayor in Knox County, Tennessee. As with most industries - especially those within the entertainment field - most successful professional wrestlers didn't become huge stars overnight. Glenn Jacobs is a textbook example of this, going through multiple failed characters - including evil dentist Isaac Yankem, D.D.S. - before being chosen for the role of Kane, long-lost evil brother to WWE mainstay The Undertaker.

Kane debuted in 1997, and by most accounts, the character was planned to be a short-lived antagonist for The Deadman. However, Kane quickly caught on with the crowd, and has gone on to be featured in some of the craziest storylines in WWE history. Kane has spent years both masked and unmasked, has morphed from the "Devil's Favorite Demon" into a corporate authority figure aligned with the McMahon family, and even formed an unlikely hit tag team with Daniel Bryan called Team Hell No.

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Through it all, Glenn Jacobs has been a textbook example of a company man, doing anything and everything he's been asked to by WWE management, no matter how silly. Behind the scenes, Jacobs is also regarded as one of the brighter members of the locker room, and has long-shown an aptitude for politics and political arguments. Holding mostly Libertarian political views - but running as a Republican, since of the two major parties, his beliefs gel more with them - Jacobs mounted a campaign for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. As happily boasted about by WWE on its website last night, the former - and future? - Kane won his election, and is now mayor-elect.

Glenn "Kane" Jacobs will officially assume office on September 1. Kane of course isn't the only wrestler to ever attempt a run for - or even win - a public office. Jesse "The Body" Ventura of course famously won an election for Minnesota governor in the late 1990s. Jerry "The King' Lawler also once ran for mayor of his Memphis hometown, while Rhyno recently pursued a seat in the Michigan house of representatives. Former WWE executive Linda McMahon also currently serves in the cabinet of President Donald Trump, who himself is - believe it or not - an inductee into WWE's Hall of Fame.

While Jacobs deserves to celebrate his victory, the truth is, his real battle came in the Republican primary, which saw him squeak out a win by only a few percentage points. Once the Republican nomination was secured, Jacobs all but had the office in the bag, as Knox County is heavily right-leaning. To that end, Jacobs won the election by a massive 32 points over Democratic opponent Linda Haney. While the near future will presumably see Jacobs focusing on his new job, one wonders how long it'll be before Kane emerges through hellfire and brimstone to chokeslam someone inside a WWE ring again.

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