WWE Hell In a Cell: SPOILER’s Heel Turn Decides Owens & Shane Match

After months of animosity between the two men continuing to build, tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell main event saw Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon finally go one-on-one. Both participants had experienced what it was like to fight inside the unforgiving Cell before, but it's likely that nothing could have prepared them for the toll this particular match would take on their bodies.

With the added Falls Count Anywhere stipulation - a first for a Cell match - it was clear from the beginning that the battle would eventually make it up to the top of the massive structure. Still, the extent of the match that took place up there set a new standard for top of Cell brawls. After scaling the steel behemoth, Shane and Owens suplexed, powerbombed, and backdropped each other repeatedly, with the top of the Cell noticeably buckling under their collective weight. Thankfully, neither man fell through.

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At one point, Owens set Shane up on a ringside announce table, then climbed to the top of the Cell. Owens understandably got cold feet about jumping off though, giving Shane the opportunity to chase him up there. After a punch exchange, Owens eventually got knocked off the side of the cell, and crashed through the table himself. However, Owens only fell from about half-way up, and that wasn't enough revenge for Shane. After all, Owens brutally attacked Shane's dad Vince McMahon on a recent edition of SmackDown Live.

Seeking to end Owens for good, Shane placed his opponent on a different announce table, then climbed to the top of the Cell. Shane braced himself, then flew off the top of the Cell with his patented flying elbow drop, with Owens seemingly prone below. Unfortunately for Shane, Owens had moved by the time Shane landed, sending "The Money" straight through the table. This is similar to what happened when Shane attempted the move on The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

Surprisingly enough though, replays revealed that Owens had not escape Shane's wrath on his own, but had instead been pulled out of the way by longtime rival - and former friend - Sami Zayn. As EMTs attempted to attend to Shane, Zayn then forced them out the way, dragged Owens into a pinning position on top of Shane's shattered body, and forced the shocked referee to count the fall. While Tuesday's SmackDown will surely shed more light on Zayn's motivations for helping Owens, as of now, it looks like one of WWE's most beloved faces has just turned heel.

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