WWE Fires Big Cass After Recent Reports of Backstage Tension

Following recent reports of backstage tension, WWE fires Big Cass, just days after his featured match against Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank. Cass - who formerly wrestled under the name Colin Cassady, prior to it being permanently shortened - made his way into WWE through the company's developmental system. Cass debuted for the then-dubbed Florida Championship Wrestling in 2011, and was still there when WWE rebranded FCW into NXT in 2012. The seven-footer gained popularity with NXT fans via his long-term tag team with partner Enzo Amore, with Cass serving as the enforcer for Enzo's trash-talking wiseguy.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore were eventually joined by female competitor Carmella, although Carmella tended to receive a much worse reaction from crowds than her teammates did. While Cass and Enzo received multiple opportunities at the NXT tag team championships, they were never able to capture the gold. The duo was finally called up to the main WWE roster in 2016, debuting on Raw shortly after WrestleMania XXXII. By 2017, the team had broken up, and were feuding with each other. The feud ended up being cut short by a knee injury to Cass, who was then out of action for eight months.

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By the time Cass returned to WWE TV during the spring of 2018, Enzo had long since been let go by WWE, due to failing to disclose a pending rape charge against him to the company. To the surprise of many, Big Cass was immediately pushed as a top star on SmackDown, entering into a feud with the mega-popular Daniel Bryan. Cass and Bryan squared off at both May's Backlash and last Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-views, with Bryan winning both matches. Now, WWE has abruptly fired Cass, with no public explanation offered as to why.

WWE's extremely terse statement on Big Cass' exit from the company is as follows: "WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass)." Wrestling fans will notice a very telling omission there though. WWE almost always ends its press statements about firings (or releases, in WWE corporate speak) with some variation of "we wish (wrestler) all the best in their future endeavors." When they don't, it usually ends up being revealed later on that the performer in question was let go for behaving badly backstage or otherwise angering management.

Recent reports have suggested that Cass had heat with WWE brass for going "off-script" in a recent televised segment in which he brought out a little person dressed as Daniel Bryan to make fun of. Putting aside the ridiculousness of doing a segment like that in 2018 at all, Cass was reported to have called an audible to further beat down the much smaller man after being scripted to only hit him once. It might not sound like a lot, but WWE takes performers deviating from the script without permission seriously. Couple that with other reports that Cass wasn't exactly the most popular guy in the locker room to begin with, and it seems like a recipe for unemployment.

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