WWE Fastlane: Shane McMahon Turns Heel, Destroys The Miz

To the shock of WWE fans around the world, Shane McMahon turned on The Miz after their tag team title loss, destroying him in front of his father. After a long tenure as SmackDown commissioner, McMahon has spent the last few months working as a tag team with The Miz. While McMahon has never been a full-time competitor, he's impressed fans with many daredevil feats over the years, and it's these feats that served as the catalyst for the formation of the McMiz team.

Miz convinced McMahon to team up after relaying a personal story about how despite all his accomplishments, Miz's dad George had never told him he was proud of him. While that kind of makes George Mizanin look like a terrible father, it hit home with McMahon, whose father Vince - at least in character as Mr. McMahon - isn't exactly a dad prone to displays of affection. Shane McMahon and Miz went to on to live the proverbial "Cinderella story," capturing the SmackDown tag team titles in their first match as a team at the Royal Rumble, defeating The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro).

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Unfortunately, their reign didn't last long, with McMahon and Miz dropping the titles to the Usos at February's Elimination Chamber event. Tonight at the Fastlane pay-per-view, McMiz came up short in their rematch, once again losing to the Usos. Afterward, Shane surprised everyone by blindsiding his partner, then brutally beating him down and choking him out in front of his despondent father.

Outside the context of WWE storylines, this is a pretty clever writing touch, as many fans had naturally assumed that if a member of the team ultimately turned heel, it would be The Miz. The Miz has spent most of his career as a unrepentant bad guy, so going in that direction again would make sense. Instead, Miz is now cemented as a sympathetic babyface, especially after Shane roughed up Miz's dad a bit at ringside.

Logically, this likely sets up a grudge match between Shane McMahon and The Miz at WrestleMania in April, possibly with some crazy stipulation that allows weapon usage and Shane to fly off tall things. What would really be funny is if Miz's dad turned on him to join up with the McMahons, but since this isn't the Attitude Era anymore, nothing that nonsensical will probably happen. Perhaps a victory by Miz over Shane at WrestleMania will finally set up the A-Lister for another run at the WWE world title.

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