WWE Extreme Rules: New Day Wins 6th Tag Team Championship

New Day's Big E and Xavier Woods defeat Daniel Bryan and Rowan and Heavy Machinery to capture their sixth tag team championship at WWE Extreme Rules. The three-man unit known as The New Day have spent lots of time divided recently, although it's been for a very good reason. At WrestleMania XXXV in April, New Day member Kofi Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan to capture the WWE Championship. Thus, he's been primarily occupied with defending his singles gold ever since.

This has left Big E and Woods to focus on the tag team division as a duo. While one of New Day's big advantages has always been having three members to choose from to both compete for and defend the various tag team titles they've held, it's now clear that E and Woods are just as formidable a tandem by themselves as they are with Kingston in he mix. The New Day last held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in the fall of 2018, losing them to The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro. Tonight, they recaptured the titles.

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Heading into Extreme Rules, former champions Bryan and Rowan weren't too pleased to be stuck by Shane McMahon in a triple threat title defense, as that instantly makes their odds of retention worse. Sure enough, that worry proved to be a correct one. At several points, it appeared that upstart challengers Heavy Machinery would win the titles, but in the end, it was veterans The New Day that got the victory, pinning Bryan after their Midnight Hour double team finishing move.

Daniel Bryan Rowan Heavy Machinery on WWE Smackdown

And with that, Big E and Kofi Kingston ended Daniel Bryan's second reign as a tag team championship, his first coming alongside Kane back in the Team Hell No days. Hopefully though, WWE isn't quite ready to pull the plug on Bryan and Rowan's quite entertaining run at or near the top of the SmackDown tag team division. As for Heavy Machinery, Otis and Tucker made a great showing for themselves, hanging with their much more experienced opponents, and nearly winning via their Compactor finishing move.

As fun as the actual match was at Extreme Rules, one can't help but wonder why WWE felt the need to take the titles away from the still fairly new team of Bryan and Rowan and give them back to New Day, who it could be argued need a break from being tag champs for awhile. Still, at least it did provide the feel good moment of Big E and Xavier Woods celebrating their victory with fellow champion Kofi Kingston, at least until Paul Heyman interrupted.

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