WWE Extreme Rules: Did Daniel Bryan & Kane Return to Tag Team Glory?

After five years, Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) returned to pay-per-view at WWE Extreme Rules. Did they knock off the Bludgeon Brothers? WWE history is full of thrown together tag teams that - despite their characters not initially seeming to gel on the surface - ended up working out so well that their every interaction became magic. Some examples of this phenomenon are The Rock and Mankind's Rock 'N Sock Connection, original D-Generation X duo Shawn Michaels and Triple H, and the hilarious tandem of Booker T and Goldust.

The teaming of Daniel Bryan and Kane as Team Hell No is another top example of a mismatched tag team that ended up working amazingly well, with both men having tremendous chemistry with each other. In the ring, Bryan's speed and technical acumen combined magnificently with Kane's pure power offense, while on the mic, Team Hell No's constant arguments brought out of the comedic abilities in both performers. While the pair's original run as a unit in 2012 and 2013 was somewhat short-lived, their matches and promos never failed to entertain.

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Team Hell No reunited after more than five years apart during a recent episode of SmackDown. Bryan had been attacked by monster heel tag team champions The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan), so naturally, his old seven-foot demon pal Kane showed up to even the odds. This was despite - as Bryan would later point out - Kane having tried to end Bryan's career and kidnap his wife during their feud against each other in 2014, shortly before the injuries that would lead Bryan to retire from the ring for several years. So, did Team Hell No win the tag team titles to the tune of a resounding Yes chant, or were the Bludgeons too much to overcome?

Sadly, fans will never no what the outcome might've been had the tag team title match taken place as scheduled. Earlier in the broadcast, the Bludgeon Brothers were shown attacking Bryan and Kane backstage, injuring Kane's leg in the process. As a result, Bryan was forced to wrestle most of the match alone, with Kane only arriving near the end to offer a few chokeslams. In the end, Bryan was pinned after a double team finisher from the Bludgeons.

Looking at the match from an external - ie: outside WWE continuity - perspective, it seems likely that WWE booked the pre-match attack spot in order to justify Bryan and Kane losing the match. After all, Glen Jacobs - the man behind the Kane character - is currently running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, and it's logical to assume that he won't be able to stick around on WWE TV for an extended period. Thus, it wouldn't really make much sense for he and Bryan to capture the championships. If that's the case though, one wonders why WWE bothered to book such a brief Team Hell No reunion, outside of maybe getting a few more eyes on Extreme Rules.

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