20 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Their Current Roster

The people at WWE want to keep certain information about their athletes covered up. It's just a shame that nothing is forgotten on the Internet...

The WWE has had to deal with a lot of controversy over the years. The world of fake wrestling has been dogged by allegations of drug use, concussion scandals, and plagued with many wrestlers who died long before their time due to the rigors of their chosen career.

The current iteration of WWE has been a lot stricter on keeping tabs on the wrestlers who work for the organization. This is part of the family-friendly image that the company has taken up since the end of the Attitude Era. All this really means is that they have become a lot better at covering up the indiscretions that the wrestlers get up to in their personal life.

We are here today to look at the shady history of some of the wrestlers on WWE's current roster.

From the Roman Reigns riot to the strange beliefs of A.J. Styles, here are 20 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Their Current Roster!

20 Roman Reigns' Was Arrested Shortly Before Signing For The WWE

Roman Reigns in WWE Raw

WWE has been trying to push Roman Reigns as their top star for a few years now. It makes sense on the surface, as he has the look and the lineage, but he just doesn't have the promo ability to tie it all together.

Reigns' reign has been troubled for a while now, as he was shoved down the fan's throats to the point where they have rejected his presence. He also had the misfortune of being the guy who was being pushed when Daniel Bryan was being dropped, which gave Reigns a lot of undeserved hatred from the older WWE fans.

Roman Reigns ran into trouble with the law shortly before signing with the WWE back in 2010. They managed to keep things under wraps until 2013 when Reigns' mugshot surfaced online. He had been arrested for disorderly conduct while intoxicated, affray, riot, and unlawful assembly whilst on a night out.

19 Asuka Did Weird Videos In Japan

The Attitude Era brought with it an increased focus on sexuality that the WWE had never seen before. Women like Sable and Trish Stratus were brought in for embarrassing strip show segments, which the WWE has since distanced themselves from. This was the era when wrestling pay-per-views featured matches between the Miller Light Catfight Girls.

WWE now hosts a serious women's division which has some amazing talent, with Asuka being one of the best wrestlers in the company. She had previously wrestled in Japan under the name "Kana." It was during this period that she released several "gravure" videos, which is kind of like the Japanese equivalent of revealing videos.

The videos included Asuka soaking herself with water while in an office outfit, wearing a bikini on the beach while the camera zooms in on her body, and rubbing ice cubes all over herself while the water drips all over her face. This is to say nothing of the gravure videos she performed with other female Japanese wrestlers.

18 Goldust's Embarrassing Plane Ride

With the Undertaker seemingly in permanent retirement, the title of the oldest WWE gimmick for an active wrestler goes to Goldust. Dustin Rhodes has been portraying Goldust on and off since 1995. The characters that Rhodes' played in other wrestling companies also seemed to be carbon copies of Goldust, such as Seven in WCW and Black Reign in TNA.

In 2002, a notorious incident that is known as the "Plane Ride From Hell" happened. A group of WWE wrestlers was traveling from England to the United States when their flight got delayed. This gave them time to get drunk, which led to numerous disturbances on the flight. This included a fight taking place between Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig (better known as Mr. Perfect) over who was the better amateur wrestler.

It was during this plane ride that a drunken Dustin Rhodes seized control of the PA system and started singing romantic songs to his ex-wife, who was also on the plane. This is said to be one of the reasons why Rhodes' contract was not renewed in 2004.

17 JBL Battered A Wrestler In The Ring (For Real)

ECW was once considered to be the distant third to WCW and WWF in the wrestling industry. The company went out of business in 2001 due to crippling debts and an inability to pay their talent. Vince McMahon swooped in and bought the rights to ECW, which also allowed him to cherry pick the best talent in the promotion.

In 2005, an ECW revival show was held by WWE, called One Night Stand. The pay-per-view ended with a team made up of ECW wrestlers facing off against a team from SmackDown. The ring was full of wrestlers, which quickly devolved into a brawl.

It was during this brawl that John Bradshaw Layfield (better known as JBL) decided to legitimately beat up the wrestler known as the Blue Meanie. He was pissed off about things that the Meanie had said about him online, so he repeatedly smacked him in the face.

The Blue Meanie decided to avoid a lawsuit and settled for a few appearances in the WWE, where he got to wrestle JBL. Stevie Richards (the Meanie's tag partner) took this opportunity to legitimately smack JBL's head with a chair.

16 Jeff Hardy's House Was Found Filed With Drugs

Jeff Hardy might be the biggest example of wasted opportunities in the WWE. It seemed as if every time he rose to the top of the company in terms of popularity, he messed it all up. Jeff Hardy has consistently been one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE, which was reflected in his merchandise sales, yet he kept screwing it up by failing drug tests and not showing up to events.

In 2009, Jeff Hardy was arrested for possession of drugs with the intent to traffic them. His house was filled with over two hundred and fifty Vicodin pills, as well as over a hundred and fifty Somas. Hardy also possessed anabolic steroids and cocaine among the vast collection of prescription pills that were in his home.

Jeff Hardy pleaded guilty to all charges and served ten days in jail in 2011, along with paying a fine of one hundred thousand dollars.

15 Kurt Angle Has Been Arrested For Drunk Driving On Multiple Occasions

There are a lot of people who claim that wrestlers can't fight for real, as all of their in-ring work is scripted and fake. You should never say this to Kurt Angle, as he his one of the best amateur wrestlers in the world.

The ability to take someone down and make them submit is one of the key principles of amateur wrestling and Angle is an expert at it. Only Brock Lesnar or Ken Shamrock could compete with him in this manner.

Kurt Angle might be one of the best wrestlers in the world, but his real-life conduct hasn't been so great. He has been arrested for drunk driving on many different occasions. He managed to avoid a DUI charge in 2007 as he refused a blood test or breathalyzer. Angle wasn't so lucky in 2011, as he was charged twice with driving while intoxicated. He would be charged with drunk driving again in 2013.

14 Stephanie's Underage Modelling

The WWE has always been a family business. Vince has allowed his wife, children, and grandchildren to be involved in the show for years. Shane acted as a referee in the company throughout the late '80s and early '90s, while Linda was involved in a storyline where Vince used to cheat in front of her. This storyline would later come back to haunt Linda during her repeated attempts at running for a Senate seat.

Stephanie McMahon got her start with the WWE as a model. Vince McMahon allowed his thirteen-year-old daughter to model the t-shirts and baseball caps for the official WWF catalog. This involved her wearing oversized shirts and not much else.

Vince not only allowed his teen daughter to be sexualized in an advert for the company but allowed it to happen while she was wearing a shirt with Marty Jannetty's face on it. That may be the most embarrassing thing of all.

13 Jimmy Uso Has Received Several DUI's

Professional wrestling is a family business. There a lot of stars in the WWE today who are the children of previous wrestlers from the Hulkamania Era. Wrestlers like I.R.S, Mr. Perfect, and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart all have kids who currently compete in the WWE.

There are also several big wrestling families, such as the Harts, Guerreros, and Von Erichs. The most prolific wrestling family in the WWE is the Anoa'i family, which has produced The Rock, Rikishi, Roman Reigns, 3-Minute Warning, and The Usos.

Jimmy Uso might be the black sheep of the Anoa'i family, as he was arrested for driving while under the influence in 2011. He was caught operating a motor vehicle whilst twice over the legal limit. There were rumors that he was arrested for DUI a second time, though this turned out to be a charge related to driving with a suspended license.

12 Matt Hardy Had Been Arrested For Domestic Abuse

It can't have been easy for Matt Hardy to have stood in his brother's shadow for so long. The Hardy Boyz were one of the greatest tag teams of the Attitude Era, with their TLC matches against Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boyz being regarded as some of the best of all time.

When it came time for the Hardy Boyz to split, however, it was Jeff who got all of the praise. Matt Hardy finally silenced his critics in 2016, when his "Broken Matt" gimmick became one of the most talked about storylines in wrestling.

In 2014, Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky pleaded "No Contest" to charges of assault and battery that they did to each other. The two of them were involved in a physical altercation which left them both bloodied and bruised, which can be seen from their mugshots. They were able to escape jail time by paying court fees and completing anger management courses.

11 The Big Show Gave A Little Show

All you need to become a successful professional wrestler is to be very tall. Guys like Jorge Gonzalez (El Gigante) and Ron Reis (the Yetay) were given main event spots in the WWF and WCW, despite the fact that they could barely wrestle.

This was certainly the case with the Big Show, as he beat Hulk Hogan (via disqualification) to become the WCW World Heavyweight Championship during his first ever professional match. It took a defection to the WWF and a few long runs as the champion for the Big Show to prove his in-ring ability.

It seems that the Big Show was accused of showing a little too much back in 1998, as he was accused of exposing himself to a female motel employee. His mugshot has since surfaced online. The case was eventually dropped, due to a lack of evidence.

10 William Regal's Drunken Plane Ride

William Regal is often regarded as one of the most respected elder statesmen of the wrestling industry. He has wrestled all over the world, which includes working for most of the biggest companies in the history of the business. Regal has since retired from wrestling, though he currently acts as the General Manager of NXT.

Regal has been very open about the substance abuse problems that have plagued him throughout his career. This is the main reason why he was arrested after a plane trip from Japan to the United States. Regal was extremely drunk when he went to use the airplane toilet.

A stewardess went over to him because he hadn't closed the door, which led to Regal turning around and urinating on her. This led to him being arrested when the plane landed. Regal claims that his only memory of the trip is waking up in jail.

9 Charlotte Flair Was Arrested For Resisting A Police Officer

Ric Flair is one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. He has three children who all made attempts at entering the wrestling industry. David Flair wrestled in WCW, though it's obvious that he only got the gig due to his famous name, as he was a terrible in-ring performer. Reid Flair was a promising professional wrestler, but he sadly passed away in 2013 due to an accidental drug overdose.

Charlotte Flair is Ric Flair's only daughter and she seems to be the one who has inherited his legacy, as she is one of the faces of WWE's revived women's division. Things weren't always so promising for Charlotte, as she was arrested in 2009 due to resisting an officer.

Her father had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, which led to the police being called to their apartment. This incident led to Charlotte being sentenced to twenty-two days in jail, though the sentence was suspended.

8 Randy Orton Was Kicked Out Of The Marines

Randy Orton is another wrestling legacy, as both his father and grandfather were famous wrestlers. His fame has since eclipsed theirs, as he has been one of the biggest names in the WWE for over a decade now.

Before Randy Orton became a professional wrestler, he tried to serve in the military. Orton enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1998. He received a bad conduct discharge a year later due to disobeying orders from a commanding officer. Orton was later court-martialled and spent over a month in the brig at Camp Pendelton.

Randy Orton's military history ended up coming back to haunt him, as it prevented him from starring in The Marine 3: Homefront. He was due to replace Bob Holly as the star of the movie until his old Marine unit publically complained to the WWE. The lead role was eventually given to The Miz.

7 Bo Dallas & His Drunken Crimes

Bo Dallas is a member of the Rotunda wrestling family. He is the son of Mike Rotunda, who is better known as I.R.S from the Hulkamania Era and is the brother of Bray Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Rotunda.

A lot of the wrestlers have committed crimes while under the influence, but Bo Dallas is the only one unlucky enough to have been filmed while doing it.

In 2016, Bo Dallas was kicked off a plane for being drunk and yelling at the staff. TMZ was able to acquire the bodycam footage from the police officers who were dispatched to the airport to pick him up.

Bo Dallas had calmed down by the time the police arrived but he was still clearly drunk. He was arrested at the airport and led out in a pair of handcuffs. Luckily for Bo Dallas, he co-operated and didn't resist arrest. If he had, then he likely would have lost his job with the WWE.

6 Mark Henry Threw A Drink At A Fan In Belfast

The WWE now has several big stars who hail from Ireland. Becky Lynch, Finn Balor, and Sheamus all come from either Bray or Dublin. This shows how popular the WWE was back in the day, despite the fact that they didn't hold any live shows in Ireland until 1991.

Mark Henry may have gotten a little too into the Irish spirit, as he was arrested for throwing a full drink at a fan in Belfast.

The WWE wrestlers were having a drink at The Hilton Hotel after a show when James McClay approached them to sign a birthday card for his son. According to McClay, Mark Henry threw a drink at him when his back was turned and threatened him with violence.

John Cena and Randy Orton both held him back in order to stop a fight from breaking out. The police arrived on the scene and issued him with an adult caution.

5 Booker T Was Sent To Jail For Armed Robbery

Booker T was one of the few WCW wrestlers who remained with the company until the end, yet went on to have an amazing run in the WWE. A lot of the former WCW guys were hung out to dry in the WWE, yet Booker T was talented enough to rise above the stigma associated with Ted Turner's company and become a star in his own right.

Before Booker T became a professional wrestler, he was a professional criminal. Booker T was once part of a gang who robbed Wendy's restaurants. The group had previously worked at Wendy's, which is why they were so familiar with the best ways to accomplish their robberies.

This led to their downfall, as the police suspected that it was an inside job. Booker T was eventually caught. He pleaded guilty to armed robbery and was sentenced to five years in prison, though he only served nineteen months.

4 Darren Young's Protest Tweets

The WWE has had a chequered history when it comes to portraying gay characters in their programming. Gay men were treated with scorn and revulsion (such as the time when Goldust was bisexual, or the whole Billy & Chuck thing), while lesbian antics between female wrestlers are commonly trotted out for cheap thrills.

Darren Young is one of the few openly gay performers in the WWE. The WWE initially supported Young publically coming out, though they were less pleased with comments he later made on Twitter.

In 2015, the WWE forced Darren Young to remove a tweet he made about the upcoming shows they were doing in Abu Dhabi. Young criticized the WWE's decision to put on shows in a country that has a culture that is openly homophobic and disrespectful to women, which he attributed to money.

The WWE forced him to remove the tweet, though it was quickly spread by every major wrestling website.

3 Chris Jericho Fights The Hurricane

Wrestlers commonly have a means of working out their problems with each other in the ring. They have the opportunity to hurt each other in small ways everyday, which may be why you rarely hear of physical altercations between them.

In 2010, two of the WWE's biggest stars let their differences get the better of them, which led to a drunken brawl inside of a cab. Chris Jericho and Greg "The Hurricane" Helms were riding in a taxi together after the recording of an episode of SmackDown when a fight broke out.

The two of them were highly intoxicated when they started fighting in the cab. This later continued on in a gas station, where the two were taken in by the police. No one pressed charges against the two, so the matter was dropped.

The two of them have since made up, with Hurricane Helms appearing on Chris Jericho's podcast, where the two of them discussed the fight.

2 Brock Lesnar Can't Compete In The UFC Due To His Drug Issues

Brock Lesnar in WWE 2K17

Brock Lesnar is one of the most terrifying athletes in the world. He must be one of the most feared people to face off against in the UFC due to his sheer size and bulk. It's almost as if skill goes out of the window when fighting a guy as big as Lesnar, though that hasn't stopped him being defeated in the past.

In 2016, Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt via a unanimous decision. This decision was later overturned when it was revealed that Lesnar tested positive for Clomiphene. These test results led to Lesnar being suspended from competing in the UFC for one year.

So what did WWE do when it was revealed that one of their top stars was taking illegal drugs? Nothing. The WWE has stated that drug tests performed by other organizations don't affect their policies. As Brock Lesnar isn't a full-time employee with the company, he doesn't have to adhere to their wellness policy.

1 A. J. Styles & His Bizarre Beliefs

AJ Styles

There was an unusual segment on Talking Smack earlier on this year, where Daniel Bryan accused A.J. of believing that the world is flat, which was supported by Renee Young. Styles said that he wasn't a "Flat Earther" but he thinks that they have some interesting ideas.

You might be thinking that this was just a scripted segment created by one of the WWE writers, but Styles went on a wrestling podcast a few weeks later and elaborated on his beliefs. He talked about how he thinks that Flat Earthers have interesting theories on things like the curvature of the planet and satellites.

There is no denying that A.J. Styles is one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time, but he does have some bizarre beliefs. Styles has also been known to make homophobic comments in the ring.


Can you think of anything else that the WWE is trying to hide about their current roster? Let us know in the comment section!

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