WWE Commentary Is So Much Better When Animated

A hilarious animation literally interprets wrestling commentary from WWE's finest vocal talent. No good wrestling event is complete without some over-the-top commentary from ringside to call the action, but since the action is, of course, pre-determined, those providing their voices are often far more colorful and enthusiastic than other sports. Indeed, anyone unfamiliar with the world of wrestling might find the commentators in sports entertainment somewhat amusing with their delivery. A few phrases have even proved meme-worthy in recent years, such as Michael Cole's "RKO outta nowhere!" line.

Out of all the major wrestling promotions, WWE's commentary team is not only the most excitable, but also the most criticized. The likes of Booker T, Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman have all been savaged by wrestling fans on social media for inane, strange or inaccurate commentary, but fortunately, their goofs have provided the internet with plenty of ammunition to lampoon and poke fun at the world of wrestling announcers.

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The latest example comes from Youtube content creator Nick Murray Willis. who has built a reputation for his animated sporting commentary videos. Here, Nick has taken some of WWE's most memorable calls and edited them over animated visuals that literally play out the scenarios being described. In addition to people like Booker T and Cole, the compilation also features the iconic voices of Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Check it out below.

The animation acts as a brilliantly funny send-up of the ridiculousness of WWE commentary, but does so without a hint of cynicism. If nothing else, the video succeeds in highlighting just how much WWE commentators yell "Oh my God" during matches. It also spotlights how many times Jim Ross went into hysterics and began shouting at his broadcast partners during exciting moments. For those uninterested in WWE or other sports, Nick's YouTube channel also includes several videos that give similar animated treatment to movie quotes, re-imagining timeliness lines from cinematic history into every day (ish) situations.

Whether one loves WWE's exaggerated commentary or prefers to watch Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live on mute, it's impossible to deny that the commentators add to the scripted drama playing out onscreen. As this new video proves however, they can add to the drama of just about anything. Hopefully this isn't the last time a creative fan chooses to emphasize that fact in hilarious fashion.

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Source: Nick Murray Willis

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