WWE Legend Bret Hart Attacked by Fan at Hall of Fame Ceremony

WWE legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart is thankfully okay after being attacked by a crazed fan at WWE's 2019 Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Wrestling legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart is thankfully okay after being attacked by a crazed fan at WWE's 2019 Hall of Fame induction ceremony. A multi-time world champion in both WWE and its former competitor WCW, Hart is widely regarded as one of the greatest performers to ever step into a pro wrestling ring. Just some of the classic matches Hart took part in include an epic 60-minute Iron Man match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII, an excellent technical bought with Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam 1991, and a bloody submission match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIII.

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Before attaining his singles accolades though, Hart first gained fame as half of the Hart Foundation tag team. Initially heels, Hart and partner Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart were managed by "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart (no relation). With Hart's speed and technical prowess and Neidhart's pure power and brute force, the Hart Foundation was a tag team for the ages, and won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, back when reigns weren't so easy to come by.

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Hart was infamously "screwed" by WWE boss Vince McMahon at Survivor Series 1997, leading him to jump to WCW. He would eventually mend fences with WWE, and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as an individual in 2006. At the 2019 ceremony, Hart became only the second man to be inducted twice, as part of the Hart Foundation alongside the now deceased Neidhart. Unfortunately, a so-called fan tried their best to ruin things, rushing the ring where Hart was giving his speech and attacking him. Thankfully, Hart was okay, and eventually resumed speaking.

It's unclear why exactly this spectator attacked Hart, a 61-year-old cancer and stroke survivor, and all around beloved figure in the world of pro wrestling. Hart was standing next to his niece and fellow WWE superstar Natalya at the time, daughter of Neidhart, who married into the Hart family in the 1970s and was Bret's brother-in-law in addition to his tag team partner. When the fan rushed Hart, WWE's cameras quickly cut away from the ring, although fans who attended the event live say that the man took quite a beating from several wrestlers who understandably jumped in and attempted to protect Hart and take his attacker out of the equation.

Hart's attacker has since been arrested by New York City police and charged with assault, according to CBS New York. For his part, Hart was able to get his speech back on track, and draw the live crowd back into the show. Many have complained over the years about rowdy and inappropriate fan behavior during the Hall of Fame ceremony, which is generally treated in a much more formal manner than the average WWE event. Perhaps this incident will lead WWE to reassess allowing fans to attend in the future.

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Source: CBS New York

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